Soul Eater of the Rebellion 31



I’ve obtained a long desired elf slave!


…I did not thinking of rejoicing like that at all.


However, on this night after defeating Lars, it’s true that I was aching strongly with urges other than eating her soul when I put the slave collar on Lunamaria in the room of the inn.


She was someone who I liked once upon a time. Although I kept this in my mind and didn’t say it out loud, I could not keep calm with her in front of me.


Naturally, all of Lunamaria’s rights were given to me, so she can’t say no if I wanted to. It was a formal agreement on the slave contract which was made with a slave dealer present.


Of course, that means there’s no need for me to hold back. I want to do things right away but there’s something I need to confirm before that.


「So? What are you plotting?」


I asked Lunamaria who was looking down to the ground with flushed cheeks.


By the way, her cheeks are red because she’s embarrassed. Currently, she is wearing some fitted silk clothing that is tightly glued to her body from top to bottom.


There was nothing covering her arms or feet. Her back and her cleavage area were boldly exposed.


The outfit gave off the feeling of something she’d wear when going for a swim or offering a dance to the gods.


Frankly, it’s erotic. Moreover, the one who is wearing this outfit is an elf who is often described as elegant. Most men would have gulped as they saw her wearing this… like I did.


Even so, I did not make her wear this outfit no matter how much of a pervert I was inside. She clearly isn’t trying to hide her “weapons” at all.


「…I’m not plotting anything, Sora-san」


「Don’t play dumb with me. I took Lars down yet you were still behaving so well. You didn’t resist either when we made the slave contract. You should know what kind of treatment you’ll be getting when you’re tied to that contract. Knowing all that, there’s no doubt that you’re only trying to get close to me in order to do something」


Of course, I was the one who drove her into this situation. The results would not have changed even if she tried to resist when we were making the contract.


It was futile for her to fight back, that much is obvious. But even with that being the case, would she really give up that easily? No, someone like that would not be able to stay alive as an adventurer for so many decades.


When I think about it like that, she has to have an ulterior motive.

The problem is I don’t have any idea what that is.


It would normally be something like to assassinate me during my sleep, but it’s a huge crime for a slave to murder their owners. It’d be better off dying than to experience the torment one would suffer afterwards.


Or perhaps she was trying to lower my guard then have someone else– like Lars or Iria kill me.


But she would still be charged with a considerable felony for being involved if she did that.


When I tilted my head at these thoughts, Lunamaria calmly opened her mouth.


「I’m not plotting anything, but there’s something I want to ask you」


「Hm? What is it?」


「You…What are you?」


「…What? Are you trying to call me a heartless monster or something?」


「No! That’s not it! That wasn’t my intention!」


While she shook her head to deny it in a hurry, her gaze wandered in the air as if she was hesitating on something.


But before long, she had a determined look on her face as she looked straight back at me.


「…I can see the dragon」




「I can see…the dragon within you. A one-headed dragon with scales as dark as the night. The first time I saw it was when you returned from the nest of the Fly Lord」




「I don’t know if there’s a dragon residing in your body or if you are the dragon taking the form of a human but I can certainly see it. That’s why I’m asking you, what are you?」


「I’ve been nothing but Sora Mitsurugi since the day I was born. That’s my answer but…」


I thought about it some more here.


There’s no mistake that the dragon she’s referring to is soul eater. Combined with what I saw the time I came to and obtained my soul equipment, it shows that she isn’t talking nonsense.


「About that, have you told anyone about it?」


「No…since it’s only something that I could sense as a spirit user and I don’t have any other proof… 」


「Does that mean other spirit users can sense it as well?」


「Probably, but I’m not entirely sure because how well an individual can perceive things with spirits depends on the person」


「I see. So spirit users could sense the form like that, huh?…Ah, speaking of which」


Here, I suddenly remembered what happened when I went after 『Falcon Sword』’s crimes at the guild.


She was trembling in a terribly shaken state because—


「Don’t tell me, you already noticed the dragon at that time?」


「…Yes. It felt like the dragon was eyeing me down from close by. It was suffocating」


I see. If that’s the case, I wonder if it wasn’t a hypocritical act that was meant to only make herself feel better when she came to apologize to me afterwards.


I had scolded her slanderously however I wanted. It’d be bad if I jumped to conclusions too quickly.


No, wait, moreover…


「If you saw the dragon, then did you not think that I was going to win today’s duel? Why did you agree to the bet? It’s what me and Lars decided by ourselves. You could have declined」


「That’s… let’s see…since you’ve already come clean about so much, there’s no need for you to hide it anymore, right?」


「W-what do you mean?」


「I’m talking about Miro– is that girl in touch with you?」


The moment I heard that, I snorted.


「In touch? Me and that woman who absolutely loathes me? That’s a good joke. Is that your spirit senses at work as well?」


「I felt that something was off when she returned after she had gone missing. It’s because the spirits would occasionally act weird around her. However, it felt so subtle that I wasn’t sure. But on the day you and Lars decided to duel, I became sure of it」


「What happened?」


「It was because of what she said. Miro apologized to me when she said that she was going to make herself the wager for the duel but it ended up being me. It looked like a sincere apology…but there was a mischievous looking leprechaun dancing on her shoulder. That’s when I noticed, she was enjoying the situation or something. When I listened closely to her with that thought, it was clear that she was adding fuel to the fire. Even when Iria and I were being careful, she was leading Lars into the duel with a smile on her face 」


Speaking up to there, Lunamaria shook her head again.


「No, in the first place, Miro was the one who first brought up that therianthrope girl named Ciel. Was the whole thing planned out from the very beginning?」


「Well, who knows? But if you had those doubts, then it’s even more suspicious. Why did you go through with the bet? Lars might not believe you if you told him that Miro was working with me, but Iria would have listened to you. Moreover, you could have even brought it to the attention of the guild master」


「Of course I thought about that. But after we’d kick Miro out, I thought that you’d only use another method. Rather than badly provoking the dragon, I decided that it would be a good idea to settle things now」


「Good idea, huh? Something like “if the dragon’s aim is me, then I’d do something about it by offering myself? Well, it’s true that a maiden sacrifice is typical in the cases of when dealing with evil dragons 」


「I’m sorry if I was thinking too much into it. But…」


「Hm, well…you weren’t 」


I could threaten her to stop talking here, but my senses are telling me there’s not a need for that right now. There’s no one listening to us on the roof or through the walls.

Therefore, no matter what we talked about here, it probably won’t bring me any trouble later. Even if it does, I’ll deal with it then.


「But still, why would you go so far? Do you think you’re in a story of a maiden sacrifice who’s going to be saved by a hero?」


「”Don’t apologize to me for your own sake, do that standing in front of a mirror, you hypocrite




「On that day, I abandoned you when you were being chased by the Fly Lord… even when I knew what would happen to you if you were caught. Although I saw through Miro’s action with my own eyes, I still prioritized my comrade’s life first. Why did I think my words of apology would hold any persuasive power when I did that? What you called me was right, I am a hypocrite」


With that said, Lunamaria slowly walked up to me and kneeled down.


Then, she bowed her head down deeply- Like a retainer who was bowing down to their lord.


「This time I think I will show you with my actions, and not my words. Maybe this is hypocrisy as well, but I will work hard to give it all I’ve got. I will serve you with everything I have, both body and soul. Could you forgive me and let me serve you by your side?」


「…Whether I forgive you or not, you’re my slave now. You’re not getting away even if you tell me you don’t like it」


The reason I put it so bluntly was because I didn’t how else to respond.

I thought that she would hate me and despise me, but I had never imagined that she would ask to stay by my side.


After hearing my answer, she made a blooming smile and said,


「Yes! Please take good care of me, my dear master」








TLN: Luna was the only girl nice to him in the first place anyway.

9 thoughts on “Soul Eater of the Rebellion 31

  1. What the so she is a bitch… typical for elfs

    Just because she is cornered, she spread her leg wide open!?


    • Remember, his dark feelings for Luna started because Miro plotted out his misunderstanding of her.
      She never had bad emotions for him from the start,
      He’s the one that decided to give distance between them because his heart was irreparably hurt.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Seeing as MC is such a small person mentally I find it odd that both MC and readers here didn’t point out that there is only one person / thing that is a reason of all MC misfortune (except MC himself and his actions which put him in a lot deeper) and it should be main goal of his revange and hate. I mean his soul equipment (the dragon possesing him). If it didn’t stóp his progress and leveling he still would be an heir and powerfull warrior in his clan or even succesfull adventurer (with his skill and training in sword) but not only the soul equipment stole everything from him but it also using him to feed and is making him an addict to soul eating (unless author once again shows that he is a terrible author and doesn’t follow with it). I mean if eating souls apart from making him stronger is also giving him a lot of pleasure then it is easy and fast road to addiction or at least Pavlov conditioning.

    Pitifull elf, MC hated her because of what Miroslava did and because he is such a small minded person. She tried to make up with him many times but he was to pridefull.

    Thanks for chapter


  3. So far it has been great, thinking about it i have no edgy story among the ones i reading so i’m really looking forward to the next chapters… whenever they come out, but worry not! my leecher skills include the ability to put novels on my waiting list for YEARS

    So, smell ya later


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