The Revenge of the Soul Eater 28



「It seems like you’re always making an effort to gather herbs. How about becoming a pharmacist? I’m sure doing that will benefit the people」


A pointy hat and staff. And then, a magic caster’s robe.


Miroslava was dressed how she usually dressed, and shit talked me how she usually does.


The only thing that was different was that her long red hair was drastically shortened. Now it was almost as if she was hiding her braided hair under her hat.


「Thanks for the advice. Would you mind leaving if you’re done? Unlike you guys who can make a living by sucking up to the guild, I’m quite busy, you know?」


「I didn’t want to talk to you either, but–」


Miroslava glanced at Ciel who was behind me. She made a painful expression when she saw how worn down Ciel looked.


「Making a girl younger than yourself carry all that luggage…such a worthless man. Well, it’s not like that’s anything new」


「I can do whatever I want with my slave. No one but me gets a say in this, let alone a “murderer”」


「Only an idiot would keep calling people names. Moreover, you’ll anger the guild master if you keep up with your baseless slandering」


「Save it. You guys don’t have to come all the way out here to do this, such an unpleasant conversation」


「We heard that you were doing something terrible to the girl every night like you were a monkey or something. After somehow getting an amount of money that’s beyond your capability, the first thing you went to do was to get a slave and show how low you are? If you wanted to hold a woman in your arms, you have to get some charm that a woman can fall in love with first!」


After Miroslava let it out, it looks like next is Lars’ turn.

He probably has been holding it in, as I can see his face filled with righteous indignation.


I’ve said this before, but Lars came from a rural village. Things like people selling their wives or daughters to pay debt was not something new to him.


That kind of story made Lars’ expression strangely heavy. Iria’s also, since she came from the same place as him.


I haven’t heard the details about it, but the two of them might have lost some family members or friends this way.


「Sora, that girl became a slave for her family, right? Take good care of her. If you can’t, then release her!」


「Like I said, who are you to tell me what to do with my slave? What, release her? Mind your own business」


「If that’s how it is, then I have an idea」


Lars reached for the sword by his waist as he said that.


I sneered at him when I saw him doing so.


「Oh, what’s this? You want to rob me now because you want my slave? Or do you want to kill me? It’s no wonder you’re ambushing me at a place without many people around. This and the incident from before too, the “Falcon Sword” sure has stooped so low!」


「Stop fucking around, I’m not trying to rob you! I’m going to beat some sense into you!」


「Ambushing someone to try to take away their belongings is what a robbery is. It’s only in the books you read that you can do anything you want in the name of justice, Mr. hero of justice」


「…So do you not plan on listening no matter what?」


「Talking about listening to you when you’ve been pushing your ideas onto me for quite a while now… Suppose I release this girl like you say, what will I gain from it? She cost me thirty gold coins, you know?」


「If that’s the case, I’ll pay you thirty coins back! That should be fine, right?!」


「Hell no. What kind of dumbass would buy something for thirty gold coins and sell it back for thirty gold coins?」


「Okay, sixty then, or even a hundred! Give me your price, I’ll pay as much as you want!」


Lars yelled out in a fit of anger.


Even a sixth-tier adventurer would not be able to come up with a hundred gold coins.

However, Lars might be able to get that much. Even if I raised the price to five hundred, or even a thousand gold coins, he could use his trump card of asking the Salzar merchant company for a favor.


I smirked as I thought of that.


「Okay then, I’ll do it for a million gold coins」




「What’s wrong? I said a million gold coins. Oh, if you like, we can split it into ten payments of a hundred thousand every month」


「Go to hell! There’s no way I would have that much money!」


「You’re the one who told me you’ll pay as much as I want」


「There’s a limit to things!」


「Look here, are you telling me you were going to buy something with something you don’t have? You’re obviously asking for a fight. Why do you think I should name a price after considering how much money you have?」


After saying that, I laughed as if I was belittling him.


「Maybe you thought I was going to ask for two or three hundred gold coins, then you would make me promise on my words if you could really bring out that much money? I guess if the request came from the aspiring sixth-tier adventurer and future son-in-law, that expense would be nothing to the Salzar company. Oh, what a clever plan. As for the one who thought of that plan…Well, I wouldn’t even need to think about it」




「Saving the tortured slaves. It’s the type of heroic tale that you really like, but it’s too bad, Lars. Take this as a lesson and don’t bother me anymore. If you continue your journey as an adventurer, you will definitely make it big. Don’t be fooled by that magic caster over there」


「I…I challenge you to a duel」




「A duel, Sora!」


With that, Lars took off his left glove and threw it at me.


The leather glove he threw at me hit my chest and fell onto the ground.


「Fight me for that girl’s freedom! Release her if I win!」


「I decline」


「Are you running away?!」


「Running away or not, I’m level one, you know? I have no reason to go in fights that I can’t win. There’s no benefit in it for me even if I win」


「If that’s the case–」


「If that’s the case, if you win, I will be your lovely slave」


Miroslava stepped up and interrupted Lars when he was saying something.

She spoke with a condescending tone as if she was mocking me.


「You won’t accept the duel without any gains, right? You can make me your slave and do anything to me. Oh, of course, my personal wealth will belong to the master as well, how about that? Expensive magic stones and grimoires… I don’t know how much they’re worth but they would at least be worth more than thirty gold coins」


「O-oi, Miro!」


「It’s fine, Lars. There’s not a one in a thousand chance that you would lose. Whatever I promise won’t become reality. Moreover, even in the one in a thousand chance that it happens…it will be the result of me believing in you. I will accept it with pride and hold no resentment」


「Miro…to go so far for me…」


Lars and Miroslava both looked at each other with tears in their eyes and their faces red.

They started to get into their own world without paying attention to people around them as usual.

Well, the implication of the situation this time is a little different from the past.


「What you offered wasn’t bad, but I don’t feel like accepting those terms. To live with a “murderer”, don’t joke with me」


「Sora, you…!」


「Well, I’ll consider it if it’s that elf over there」


Having said that, I looked at Lunamara who hasn’t said a single word so far.


Iria has not said anything either, but that could be because of consideration for Miroslava since she started talking. Something like trusting the negotiation to her.


Suddenly, Lunamaria looked at me with a puzzled look when I turned to her for a response.




「An unaging elf slave would worth no less than a hundred gold coins. Most of all, a person’s consent is required before becoming a slave. If you think that “murderer” and your leader’s words are ridiculous then forget about it」


I looked at Lars as I said so.


Then, I pointed to the glove on the ground as I continued,


「If you can’t swallow the conditions I’ve given you this time, pick your glove back up, Lars」


「…Are you serious?」


「Ah, I meant what I said. Would you rather do this on a big scale in a guild managed environment or with a slave dealer present? If you win, I will release Ciel on the spot. If I win, Lunamaria will become my slave. Needless to say, it’s your role to have Lunamaria accept that term. There’s no duel if you can’t do that. How’s that?」


「…Fine with me. I will persuade Luna and then quickly set up a place with the guild. Instead, Sora, until that day comes–」


「Rest assured, I won’t lay a finger on Ciel. You can ask the inn owner’s daughter who is always spying outside of my door to see if I’m lying or not」


After saying that, I picked up the glove by my feet.


At that moment, the duel between me and Lars was decided-

Leaving behind the crucial part, being the will of Ciel and Lunamaria.





TLN: It’s going downnn


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12 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 28

  1. So MC turned into asshole? Poor Lunamaria. Why he didn’t bring up that Lars went to brothels? How pushy and self righteous Lars is.

    Thanks for chapter.

    Will you post KDCS.


      1. MC ain’t doing anything wrong. His slave is his property and they don’t have any say in the matter. And it’s not like they are being forced to bet anything here. They can just walk away.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. An asshole is a jerk to those who do not deserve it, everyone who is is being a jerk to DESERVES it.
      Lars is to self obsessed to see his own wrong doings
      Miroslav is an attempted murder
      Iria went along with the murder attempt and did nothing about it, which is really bad for someone who is supposed to be a priestess of the god of law
      Lunamaria also stood by an did nothing of worth.

      Just confronting him like this puts falcon sword in the wrong, Unless they can pin a crime on him they should just leave him alone.

      Heck even the innkeepers are in the wrong since they should not be gossiping about their guests like this, or spying on them like a perverted peeping tom.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. Hahahaha nah man, this is much deserved, I don’t get these Justice stuff, and what they were really trying to do there really is stealing from MC.
      Sure MC’s the one that incited the problem int he first place, him being doing that “intentional misunderstanding”

      But it’s Lars own fault for falling to it, hook, line, and sinker.


  2. Hahahahaahahahaha!
    Man I had a good laugh reading this chapter, man. It reeks of “according to Keikaku~” type of situation here, lol!

    Lars is falling, hook, line and sinker to his trap, and Luna will be forced to join this side no matter whether she’s willing or not. Scary how easy it works if you have an Insider Intel and supporter hahah.

    The MC need her anyway to help himself gleam some more info about his Sword’s origin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, it is part of a legal revenge plan against the party and the guild.

      She is a large part of what holds the party together, and the MC can use her to stain the guilds reputation. Legally to boot.

      Best part is she knows Lars is not 100% likely to win, since she can feel the MC’s aura, and has been blatantly given an option to back out since the wager needs her approval, and is saying nothing.

      Liked by 1 person

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