Soul Eater of the Rebellion 26

In the City of Ishka Again


When I returned to the city of Ishka about two months later, I had two things that I didn’t have when I left.

First was my black blade.

Not my soul equipment, but an ordinary weapon made by a human blacksmith.

It’s an ordinary weapon, but it was forged by a blacksmith in the Ad-Astera Empire using black steel that is well known for its toughness. One block of that rare metal makes tens of gold coins disappear. To be more specific, fifty gold coins vanished.


The reason why I disappeared from the streets of Ishka for two months long was because I was in the empire searching for this sword.


As for the fifty gold coins, it was from the profit I got after I sold the demonic beast materials that I obtained in the Thetis Forest.

The tails of the manticores sold at a pretty high price. Along with all the herbs I collected, I made ten gold coins. As I thought, the monsters and herbs in the depths of the Thetis forest were worth a lot.

On top of that, there were the leftover pieces of equipment from the adventurers that got killed in the Fly Lord’s nest. Since it could bring trouble to me later if I sold them in Canaria kingdom, I got rid of them while I was at the empire.


A necklace that enhances magic, a shield with magic defense- those items sold for a lot as well. They totaled 70 gold coins all together. Adding that to what I made from the materials, I made 80 gold coins.


A single gold coin is enough for someone to enjoy life for a month, so you should know roughly what having eighty gold coins means.

It was a strangely large sum of money that was enough for me to play around with like a rich person.


But well, more than half of that disappeared for the black blade. It was expensive!

With its unique appearance and its toughness to boot, the sword was really popular. Compared to traditional swords, there are fewer blacksmiths who make this type of thinner, long blade. That is also one of the reasons why the price of these swords had risen so high.


If I bought a traditional sword instead, I could have enjoyed spending my money on other things… but the reason why I bought this blade was to make my soul equipment stand out less.


I might be fighting in front of people when I’m back at the city. At that time, I would definitely stand out if I summoned a black sword from out of nowhere.


Some adventurers out there might know about soul equipment and the phantom blade style, but they wouldn’t think of the link between me and the Mitsurugi family.


However, the name Sora sounds really eastern, after all.

It would bring all types of trouble if someone figured it out.

If I always carried a black sword at my waist, I wouldn’t stand out even when I bring out my soul equipment at a time of emergency.

That’s why I bought it. A traditional sword was not an option in the first place.


Even though this sword is obviously not as good as my soul equipment, it was still a nice sword. I’d say it was a good purchase.


Thus, I had thirty gold coins remaining.


The other thing I’ve obtained was this little girl of the therianthrope race who is carrying my luggage right now.

When I looked back at her, the little girl opened her mouth with a tensed look on her face,


「What can I do for you, master?」


Female. Young. Healthy. Can withstand fighting.

This girl named Ciel Al-rous was who the slave dealer recommended to me after I named those criteria.


Her name seems to have the meaning of the bride of a lion. It’s a name meant for a female warrior who would be a match for a thousand.


…With that said, the person seems to have never held anything but farming tools and she wasn’t a lion therianthrope in the first place.


「No, it’s nothing」


I can’t really say that the slave dealer scammed me.

It’s because the criteria I gave was “can withstand fighting” and not “excel in fighting”, so I can’t really complain.


Moreover, I’ve been observing her from our trip back to Ishka from the empire and there’s no problem with the way she behaves either.

It hasn’t been long since she became a slave, so she could not get rid of her confusion and hesitation still, but that isn’t a big problem.


Same as the black blade, she could be called a good purchase as well– although I didn’t really plan on spending thirty gold coins on her.


Why do I end up blowing all my money away every time I make some?


Well, let’s just say that at least this time it wasn’t spent on apology fees to a brothel or compensation for a prostitute.


With that thought in my mind, I opened the door of an inn.


The Little Blue Bird Cage.


It was the guild warranted inn that I have used in the past.




I prepaid for a month first from my remaining silver coins and handed some as tips to the inn’s daughter at the same time.

The amount I tipped her was a bit too much, but I wanted her to take it since it was also for all the trouble I’ve caused them in the past.

In the future, I plan on tipping that same amount at every opportunity as well.

I recalled the faces of the inn owner and his daughter as they went into a state of confusion and swallowed their saliva.


Well, let’s leave that nice feeling from that little revenge aside. The reason I chose this inn was not to flex my wealth in front of the inn owner or his daughter.


This is an inn warranted by the guild. Naturally, there are many adventurers amongst the guests here. Moreover, the inn itself is deeply connected to the guild.


When I got kicked out from the guild before, the news traveled to the inn in less than an hour.


If I stayed here, the information of that will get to the guild from the employees’ mouths. That was my aim.

Their suspicions of me from the Miroslava incident should have been cleared, but the matter about me mocking the guildmaster hasn’t.


And there was still the dispute between me and 『Falcon Sword』. The guild will definitely keep monitoring me as a dangerous person in the future.


That’s why, I’m making it easier for them to do that.

Go ahead and watch me however you like.


I’m not going to do anything. If something happens then it will mean that it’s done by someone else. Which means that the guild will be the ones who’ll prove my innocence. Hehehe.


With that said, if something were to happen in these next few days right after I returned to Ishka, the timing would be a little too much of a coincidence.


Therefore, it’s necessary for me to give it some time.


Since I’ve already told the plan to the other person in advance, I’ll be a good boy for the next little while.

Yup, I will resume gathering herbs today, which could also be called my soul searching work!


…Well, although the current me wouldn’t have any problems with monster or bandit exterminations quests… It’s just that I simply can’t take up those quests since I was kicked out of the guild.


Moreover, I was thinking that I wanted everyone to think of me as a level one still at this time.


Some people might have doubts about that since I came back alive from the Fly Lord’s nest, but to most of them, I was still the “parasite”.


It’s still a bit too early to change that perception



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