The Revenge of the Soul Eater 18

Confinement Plan


The talk at the guild has ended.

I thought the chances were, nine out of ten times, that it was going to go how I expected it would.

I was not surprised that my complaint did not get through. I never thought that it was going to work from the very beginning.


Rather, I would have been shocked if those guys agreed with what I said.


–However, on the other hand, it’s true that I’m still disappointed with this result.


I said that nine out of ten times it was going to go how I expected it would. And what I mean is that I had hopes for the remaining one in ten chance- that those guys would admit to what they’ve done.


I wanted to tell Lars one thing if the opportunity came up, but in the end, I couldn’t say it.


It was “thank you”. I was truly grateful for him inviting me to his party five years ago.

The way we parted was bitter, but I really had fun from the bottom of my heart in the beginning.


Being comrades of the same low levels, repeatedly going on adventures together, sometimes succeeding, and sometimes failing. Those days were full of a sense of fulfillment which I’ve never experienced before on the island.

The one who had given me those days was definitely Lars.


That’s why, if Lars and the others had admitted to their own mistakes– At that time, I would have forgiven Miroslava for his sake- just once, just once though.


…But it didn’t happen.


It was a complete fallout. The one I’m thankful to is the Lars from five years ago, and I confirmed that the Lars today was no longer the same. As for Miroslava, it doesn’t even need to be said.


Same with the guild- they are nothing but my enemies. It’s obvious since they took her side and tried to bury her crime.

To make matters worse, I can’t exclude the possibility that the “appropriate measures” they referred to would be dangerous for me.


To be honest, I kind of held a grudge when I was first expelled, but the grudge I have today has nothing to do with that.


The Adventurer’s Guild of Ishka shelved my legitimate appeal to cover their own asses. That’s more than enough of a reason for me to take revenge on them.


I curled my lip as that thought crossed my mind.


Well then, the next question is- how am I going to go about it?

I could go kill them with my soul equipment– but that’s not going to work out.

If I did something like that I’d just be an ordinary heinous criminal. I’ll get a bounty on my head instantly.


In the first place, that wouldn’t even go well.

I obtained my soul equipment and leveled up, so I have definitely gotten stronger. However, I’m far from being the strongest in the world.


To put it simply, I’m talking about the guild master, Elgart Quiss. If I go up against him right now, I will definitely lose.


By utilizing my soul equipment, I could probably kill opponents who are stronger than me to an extent, but our power difference with our gap of near thirty levels to begin with would be too big.


It’s not just Elgart either. Lars and the others would also be more than qualified to be put in the category of strong opponents for me.

While I was only gathering herbs for the last few years, they have been working hard and accomplished more than hundreds of quests.


I don’t know how high their levels are since unlike Elgart, their levels aren’t publicized– but going by Lars being a sixth-tier adventurer, his level can’t be lower than ten. He’s probably around 15 or so.


Iria and Miroslava should be around there too. Lunamaria should be a bit higher, but regardless, I can’t compete with them on levels. I can’t afford to take them lightly.


But of course, I’m not going to lose to them. Aside from Elgart, I could beat Lars and the others with the power of my soul equipment. I clearly felt that way when we faced each other today.


However, that’s if it’s in a one-on-one situation. If I fought against their whole party at the same time, it might be a rough fight.


「Which means that I have to basically take them down one by one」


A sneak attack…will get a bounty on my head, and I don’t think that guild master will stay silent if I do that. First of all, there would be guards on the streets.


Even if I do it without being spotted, I will be automatically included as a suspect if something were to happen to the members of 『Falcon Sword』at this timing.


…Thinking about it again, it might have been better if I pretended I was dead from the Fly Lord incident.

No one would suspect someone who’s dead no matter who is killed.


But if I did that, I wouldn’t have been able to gather any intel or possibly obtain any compensation in social status from that meeting just now. It would also be painful and irritating to stay hidden in the shadows.


The result of considering all these conditions—


「I will have to use that in the end, huh…」


I decided to put the idea I had in mind into action.


The Fly Lord’s nest located deep inside the Thetis forest- I’ll be making use of it.

To be specific, I’m going to bring Miroslava there.


The guild won’t have eyes there. Even if they send out a search party, I don’t think they’ll find such a deeply hidden area.


It’s the most ideal place for confinement.


Before the talk with 『Falcon Sword』, some guild employees overheard that I was caught by a Fly Lord.

They asked me things like what its nest was like, and how I escaped and stuff.

I just answered them with vague answers like “I don’t know”, “I can’t remember it clearly”, and “I really have no idea”.


It’s because I had planned to make use of the nest.


Right now, the only one in this world other than me who knows the location of the nest is the girl from the Kijin race.


「Since I’ve decided on it, next is preparation. Food, water, and clothes…ah, do I need clothes that can withstand the cold?」


It takes about four days to get to the nest from here even at my full speed, so I need to take my time to make the preparations for it.


I folded my arms with a Hmm.


The guild and Falcon Sword should be on alert for about a month anyway. In a sense, this preparation period I need might work to lower their guard.


Humans can’t stay in a tense, on-guard state for more than a month. The success rate of the operation will also be higher if I strike the moment they are worn out from continuously staying on alert.


With this plan, I’ll need to remodel that cave to a place where a person can live in.

For that purpose, I need to purchase a fair amount of supplies. If I buy them in this city, the guild will know.


I don’t think they’ll see through my plan by seeing me buy things, but there’s no need to give them any clues.


Should I leave this city right away?


I can just buy the supplies from different towns and villages near Thetis forest and gradually stock up on them. Fortunately, I have plenty of funds–


「…… Ah, ahhh?!」


I instinctively put my hands on my head as I realized something.

Shit, I left all of my gold coins back at the guild!


I’ll go get them back right awa—there’s no way I can do that. How could I go back there right after I declared my hostility to them?


*hahhh* , I sighed.


It can’t be helped. I still have some silver coins left for the time being, and there are still some pieces of equipment that could be exchanged for money back at the nest.


It’s going to prolong the preparation period a bit, but it’s not like there’s a time limit anyway. It’s okay even if it takes half a year or a year if necessary– Well, I don’t think it’s going to take that long though.


With that thought in mind, I pulled myself together and began to walk down the streets of Ishka.


At that moment–


「…………….Sora, -san」


I heard a voice calling my name from behind.


When I turned around with a frown, what I saw was the elf, Lunamaria’s pale expression. Her face was so pale that she looked like she could collapse at any minute.





TLN: Uhh where is he going with this? lol


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10 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 18

    1. He has always been a fairly normal person (if not a bit mindbroken now after being almost eaten alive).
      Lots off ppl complaining about him in prologue seemed to not get that the narration was largely his frustration and emotions given words. He himself was honestly really mature about it for 13yo kid who just got disowned and denied his whole life (learning his family Sword techniques or w/e for most of his life) on top of ppl who clearly hate him like ragna rubbing it in his face. He was able to view his situation and understand he should thank those caretakers for everything up till now but being treated like w/e when previously they acted well towards him, just because of his former position is hard to take. As if they never cared about him if not for his position.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. If they never cared they would ignore him like the rest. His half brother cared enough to give him 3 Gold coins and rub his victory in MC face this way he ignited MC spirit while being asshole, his former fiancee offered him clean break and destroyed any remaining feelings on his part, his caretakers prepared things for him and again provide him with clean break (I think the female was meant to be his mistress but because he failed she salvaged her situation by be coming MCs father one). All of them showed him that he can’t depend on his clan anymore and must grow and depend on himself. MC would be in worse situation if he left depressed. When he was given this “betraying” leave he got his spirit ignited, his pride wounded and iritated and he set himself a goal to take revange and return in glory.
        Yeah they “betrayed” him but it was better for him than them ingoring him completely.

        And even if MC was “mature” for 12-13 year old he didn’t grow as a person in last 5 years at all and is as mature as then a chuninbyou dreamer.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. You’re putting a spin on their actions Mikss. His half brother just wanted to mock him.
        His ex-fiance only cared because of his status. She just didn’t want to be bothered dealing with him once he lost that status.

        The caretakers actually did care a little. But in the end he wasn’t that much higher on the priority list.
        If the female was meant to be his mistress, she was then supposed to go to his brother, NOT his father.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!! Man, o sm already addicted and want to see how he will do in Ishka. My thirst for blood and vengeance is driving me mad!!!!! Lol.

    Now, he just needs to gather more and more power as he spreads fear and judgment on those corrupted bastards who list their hearts to their greed, lust, and pride.


  2. He’s in manic basically, his body is full of endorphin raring to do somethin, g but his head is a mess because of disappointment and anger, he easily becomes forgetful and hasty.
    At least Luna Maria is there to give him the money back lol.

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