The Revenge of the Soul Eater 15

Crime Accusation


The next day after daybreak. I was sitting inside a room in the adventurer’s guild.


As to what happened yesterday…well, I ended up angering the person in charge of the brothel for forcing the girl over her limits, yup.


I gave the prostitute and the brothel some money as an apology and somehow kept things under control.


The prostitute was in a really weakened state because I was eating her soul, but just as I thought, she did not notice anything. Well, that was only natural.


And then, I was banned from entering the brothel. That was only natural as well. Well, I’m glad that person got saved. I almost became a murderer unintentionally…


I wasted all my energy before the serious business even began because of that, but it’s the real deal from here on.


I pulled myself together to face the guild’s receptionist and the members of『Falcon Sword』.




「…So, Sora-sama, you have no intention to withdraw your accusation against 『Falcon Sword』that they intentionally attacked you?」


「I’ve said that a while ago and I’ll say that over and over again no matter how many times you ask me」


I sneered at the receptionist’s words as I pointed to the four people who were on the other side of the large table.


「”Falcon Sword” used me as a decoy in order to save themselves. They even deliberately used magic on me that could have killed me! I will not withdraw this claim. Why do you want me to withdraw it in the first place? They probably won’t deny it if you ask them either」


「As it seems, there is a discrepancy between the two stories, so there would be a need for an investigation」


「Then confirm the testimonies. There’s no need for me to withdraw this claim for you guys to investigate」


The receptionist went silent after that.


By the way, this guild receptionist was the same girl with braided hair who gave me my sentence of expulsion back then.

After she shut her mouth, Lars was the one who spoke next.






「Did Miro really use magic against you? I can’t believe that」


Lars looked at me suspiciously.


He had lost his consciousness at the time from the Fly Lord’s attack and was being carried away by Iria, the warrior priest, so he did not see it with his own eyes.


I lightly shrugged my shoulders and answered him,


「There’s no need for you to believe me. Rather, you should ask the person in question before questioning me」


「Miro admitted that she used magic. However, she said that she did not use it on you intentionally. It’s just bad luck that the magic she casted at the Fly Lord hit you accidently, no?」


I burst out laughing after I heard that.


「Pu- hahahah! Bad luck?! As expected from the leader of a C-ranked party, such wonderful reasoning!」


Lars’ face went red when I applauded him as I laughed. Beside him, Miroslava and Iria were both shooting daggers at me but I looked at them and laughed in their faces as well.


「Then here’s a question for you, leader-sama. At the time, you were being chased by the Fly Lord, and I was standing in the direction you were running towards」


From Miroslava’s point of view, the monster was behind her and I was in front of her.


「At those positions, how can the spell possibly friendly fire onto me? Did she somehow accidentally cast the spell she wanted to cast behind her in front of her? What do you mean?! Even a child who just started to learn magic would not make a mistake like that!」


Lars was out of words while I kept on laughing.


The receptionist knitted her brows and spoke next,


「Sora-sama, this isn’t a place to insult the other party, we’re here to assert each other’s claims and then find a compromise if possible. Please stop talking to put the other party down on purpose」


「Oh, my bad. I didn’t know this place was such a noble place. I thought this was a place solely for you to think about how to put an end to my claim to protect high ranking adventurers who are important to the guild」


「…Are you going to insult the guild as well?」


「If it wasn’t true then hurry up and give these guys their punishments. You haven’t said anything about that so far and all you’ve been doing is nothing but telling me to drop my claims and watch my tone. It’s hard to not be suspicious of you guys」


I took nasty jabs at this opponent who told me with a composed face when I was expelled before.


Honestly… this feels super nice!


The fault is on them. I can blame them as much as I want.


Medical expenses and hush fees, they would have to give me some benefits if they want me to compromise— I bet the receptionist was thinking that– but what I want today is to give 『Falcon Sword』 and the guild (and its receptionists) a hard time.


There’s no need for me to compromise!


Then, Iria looked at me as she spoke bitterly.


「You keep saying punishment, punishment, punishment, but what is it that you want us to do? Would you be satisfied if we all bowed down to the floor for you?」


「What’s with that remark? How can you act so strong after throwing away another person’s life? I don’t mind bringing this case to the holy temple of the god of law, you know?  The warrior priest of their own sect who abandoned their teachings and threw away another’s life to save their own… 」


After replying so, I crossed my arms and pretended to think about it for a second.


「…Yeah, actually, I guess that would be better. Some priests in the holy temple of the god of law can use the miracle, 『Sense Lie』, so you’ll see that I’m not lying. It would be much better than doing the questioning here at this kind of place」


Iria’s facial expression changed after she heard what I said.


When she saw me standing up with a faint smile on my face, she tried to say something else.

However, there was someone who opened their mouth before her.


It was Miroslava.


「Hold on! It was me who fired that spell at you. The others have nothing to do with this, no?!」


「Have nothing to do with it? The people who didn’t help the person who was attacked by their companions unreasonably? Or since the person who was attacked and made into bait managed to luck out and escape that they have nothing to do with it now? What a joke, you “murderers”」


I will also give you guys a name as my nice present to you since you named me a “parasite”.


Perhaps she caught on to my intentions, Miroslava made a wry face.


「….! In-In the first place, “Necessity” is allowed even for adventurers. You can’t let two parties sink in one boat!」


What came out of her mouth was a narrative of a past case.

A case in the past when a shipwrecked sailor saw another sailor grabbing onto a piece of plank so he swam up to him and asked if he could grab on to it as well.

But that plank was small, so it would sink if they both grabbed onto it and they would both die.

The sailor who first grabbed onto that plank had no choice but to remove the second sailor’s hands from it and let him drown.

That sailor, who was later accused of murder, was found not guilty at the trial….


Miroslava applied this story to her own actions.


I laughed scornfully.


「Lars, you hearing this? It’s clear that she intentionally attacked me at the time of your escape since she’s using the term ‘Necessity’. She just let her own secret slip」






「I-I’m sorry, Lars! But, but I was desperately trying to help you at the time… I thought that I had to do something, and that was the only thing I could think of…!」


Miroslava covered her face with both of her hands and started crying.


From seeing his comrade like that, Lars put his hand on her shoulder and gently talked into her ear.


「I know. I know that you’re not a girl who likes to hurt others, Miro. Moreover, it’s because of me that you were pushed to go so far. I have responsibility in this as well. I will take the punishment with you together」


「…Ahhh, Lars! I, I’m…so sorry…!」


Miroslava hugged Lars while looking deeply emotional.

And Lars also accepted it gently.


…This cheap play that suddenly started to unfold in front of my cold eyes. What the hell is this?


Rather, if you are going to apologize, apologize to me first before Lars.


I don’t remember hearing an apology from anyone even once since I came back to this city.

Even Lunamaria, who is the most sensible one out of all of them, was dead silent.


When I looked at this elf who has been silent the whole time, she looked down with a pale look on her face. Is it just me, or is she shaking a little bit?

What are you doing if you are not suffering from your guilty conscience right now?


Iria was being Iria as she just watched the scene of Lars and Miroslava hugging each other while worrying if she should break them apart or not.


Each and every one of them only had love in their eyes. They don’t understand what Miroslava did at all.


I sighed without realizing it.


Then, Lars opened his mouth while hugging Miroslava.


「Sora, it’s as you heard. The incident this time is not the only responsibility of Miro. I am responsible as well」


「So, does that mean leader-sama will take responsibility?」


「Ah, that’s right」


「How noble of you. So, how are you going to take responsibility exactly?」


「That of course, will be up to you as well. I will even lower my head to you if you want me to」


「I see, you won’t even do that unless you’re told, huh? Seriously, you don’t understand the situation at all, Lars」


「…What did you say?」


「You said it’ll be up to me, right? Then I will take your word for it. Get out of my way. Let me kill this girl and that will be the end of it」


With that said, I pointed to the magic caster with red hair who had tears in her eyes.




TLN: Damn he want her dead? Even though there are better options… no? guhehe


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13 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 15

  1. Funny how Lars doesn’t even think of apologizing unless it is forced of him. How Lars is blinded by love / hero complex that he doesn’t see what a bitch Miro is and Iria too.
    I would bring this case to the Temple of Law too to destroy Iria position and future too.
    I pity the elf for she is decent and caught between loyalty to party members, love to Lars and behaving fair and decent.
    I think that MC is now bringing deatch sentence so he can magnanimously agree to “just” making Miro his slave. And making Miro his slave (sex slave) is a just punishment for everything, but this way he will destroy MC voluntary ship with elf, pity. MC should also “accidentaly” ask Lars now when Lars was last time in the brothel and add that girls there miss Lars. That would destroy the party of Lars even more.

    I don’t like how author completely changed MC
    No growth just new character pasted over old one. And it is a big pity that author just skipped what happened in brothel after sex and what happened when he entered guild how was his first talk with receptionist and how he made his case, how he presented identification tags. With only few lines it was too lacking it deserves chapter of its own. Boring things the author describe with few chapters (MC cirrumstances that have completely no impact on his character) and interesting parts like the dialogu mentioned above gots skipped.

    Thanks for awesome translation. Waiting for new chapter of KDCS.


    1. So author went that way with MC character, huh? The false humbleness, modesty, low self esteem, inability to talk his mind and cowardice all slip off when MC is in position of power. Now he is arrogant, asshole, taking to the extreme enjoyment of the situation and using others as tools. And finally “brave” enough to do what before he was too afraid to do and take it out on his real and imaginative “enemies”.
      Gah, why there are almost no harem MC that are in between a complete coward, oblivious, beta and arrogant, asshole who use others as tools for his satisfaction (notable exception is MC from Takami no Kago and few but only few others)!?

      @translator I would use “warrior priest” than “priest warrior”. It is commonly used profesion in english speaking fantasy books and games. And honestly it sounds better. As priest is the main ocupation, it means a priest who can fight in close combat without problems.

      Thanks again. I wonder what the author would do next.


      1. MC has every right to act the way he is now acting. The fault is 100% on the other party. They attacked and left him to die horribly. And the guild receptionist that was so cut throat to throw him out is now clearly showing favoritism instead of biding by the laws that she easily used on him days back.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. But honestly it is best chapter so far.

      Pity that autor changed character so much that it new character. Why did he have to write the intro chapters then? There is no connection between “old MC and” post-trauma” MC. The new one is smarter, collected, scheming and most of all cool-headed enough to say exactly what he wants to say and this fellow readers is what I call bull-shit. To be outspoken requires a lot of practice and self motivations, no magic switch after trauma. Especially when you were timid, had problems with being assertive or just like MC plain coward. It requires a lot of work to change that.

      My it isn’t the worst thing I read, but I don’t think there are many MC that push my button the way this author achieved.

      Still want to read more to see what author has in store for us.


    3. Agreed, it feels like there’s a lot of skipped important moments here, like even now we got no self reflection at all.
      He just go with the flow and just do what he wants.
      Almost like he’s avoiding from thinking too much about the situation he’s jumped in.


    4. MC was not changed, he lives in a world where might makes right, he was weak so he was wrong by default, he got stronger so he can be right now, dont apply our morals to another world


  2. Because of this group he got captured, eaten alive by maggots, made to eat those maggots. He’s broken and more than likely affected by the black sword he carries. I understand his personality change.


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