Soul Eater of the Rebellion 9

Being of the Same Origin


I can’t stop the maggots.


–I’m being eaten.


Bite, chew, slurp- my body was disappearing as if it were melting.


–I’m being EATEN.


I can’t stop them. They won’t stop.

The screeching sounds that were echoing in this cave were surely the delighted voices of the maggots.




My body was being eaten from the inside. Like a finished puzzle, pieces of my body are being taken apart one by one as my body senses disappeared.


–I’m going to die.


I’m going to die at this rate. No, I was already a dead man long ago. Nothing can save me now.


――Giving up?


I had already given up. I’m sure that I had given up long ago. Sora Mitsurugi didn’t become anything at all.


――Truly an idiot.


Ah, yeah, I am an idiot. But what can I do other than to give up in a situation like this?




Eat what?


――Eat them.


What? These maggots?




What good would it do to try so hard to live? I doubt it’d help anyway. In the first place, even if I can eat the dozen of maggots that have gone inside my mouth, there’s no way I can stop the hundreds of maggots on my body. And even if I managed to get rid of the hundreds on me somehow, there’s probably still a few thousand left in this cave. It won’t do anything in the end.


――That’s why…just obey… and consume.


I don’t want to be eaten. I don’t want to die. But there’s nothing I can do about it. The weak is unneeded. That’s how it is. I was unneeded by the island, unneeded by the city; I’m just someone who’s unneeded. Even as a swordsman, or as an adventurer, Sora Mitsurugi is someone who is not needed! My father’s words were all too right!




…Annoying, you say?


――If thou perished just like that, wo’n’t thy father laugh?


No, he won’t. I bet his expression wouldn’t change at all even if he saw me in my last moments. I was already dead to him when he banished me from the island. But…Ah, yeah, I’m sure Raguna would though. Ayaka, Gozu, Cecil, and all the other pupils will probably mock me too like “I guess Sora Mitsurugi was only a man of that level, after all”.


Everyone in 『Falcon Sword』, the guild’s receptionist, and the inn father and daughter would surely do that as well.


――Thou art real annoying.


…Yeah, that’s right. I’m annoying, aren’t I? To be talking about those guys even when I’m at the verge of death in this helpless situation. You’re right. Whether it’s ten or twenty, I should be taking some of the Fly Lord’s children with me. Luckily, I could still move my mouth. It feels like my teeth were still there as well, so I can still crush them with it.


――Start eating, then.


Oh, I’ll eat. I’ll just eat them until I’m dead since I’m going to die anyway– Yeah, if I was going to struggle regardless, I’d rather go nuts and eat them all. If I can pull it off, maybe I could still cling on to my life. I’ll eat a couple dozen of them, a couple hundred of them, or even a couple thousand of them, since what I have to do wouldn’t change much.


――Eat. Eat them all.


It’s to be eaten and die or to eat to live, right? Then I have no choice. Ah, why didn’t I realize something so simple before?


――Eat… everything… in this world.


Not just the maggots. The ones who looked down on me, the ones who despised me, the ones who betrayed me as well…


――Thou and I.


If only I could just swallow them all in one bite. Ah yeah, that would really hit the spot after these eighteen years.


――I and Thou.


Sora Mitsurugi was a person who couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t fight, he couldn’t protect


――We… of the same origin… we art one and the same.


I’m a nobody, you know? What can a guy who can’t even keep the oath he made to his mother do?


――In here… we… shall be reborn.


I will just eat everything here, that’s all I could do.


――From now on… I will become…your soul equipment.


After the conversation with I have no idea who, I emerged into a new realm of consciousness.





…I had a strange vision in the end.

A desolate land filled with rocks and mud for as far as I could see.

There, a gigantic tree stood tall in the middle of that place. It was an oak tree.

And next to the oak tree, there was a huge figure as big as a small mountain sitting there, as if it was guarding it.

That giant creature with scales that were as black as the night sky was a dragon no matter how I looked at it.

The strongest race within all the mythical races of this world.


It raised its long neck and looked at me, probably because it had noticed me looking.


I did not understand a dragon’s expressions, nor did I speak the dragon’s language.

And yet, I felt like the dragon was smiling at me.

Moreover, I felt like I could even understand its words somehow.


The dragon gave me its name.



Its name was――






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15 thoughts on “Soul Eater of the Rebellion 9

    1. the time stamps in the raws for this and the next chapter are only a couple hours from each other. This might not have been meant to be a cliffhanger, as they were posted close enough that there was little wait.


  1. Can this MC be more pathetic? So by luck of being the MC he will become stongest or OP. Not by his effort or will, but just because. It isn’t isekai but isekai really slaughtered WN and LN before MC needed to work to achieve something with Blood and tears. The maxim japanese took from americans “hard work will give rewards”. Now after isekai introduction it is “hard work, training? What it is? Meh. ”

    So he will become because of his soul equipment? Welcome to NEW MC. So author took the lazy road. Lets wait and see.

    Thanks for chapter.


    1. Effort and will? You do know this guy went 5+ years fighting without a single gain in levels. And despite everything continued down that path even if it was almost suicidal right?

      Hell, he was literally being eating alive these last few chapters? How much more suffering do you want him to have? You want someone to give him a puppy only for it to be killed too?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Are we reading the same novel? He went last 3 years gathering herbs and he didn’t care enough to do it right (returning with less than in quest description) he didn’t do any subjugation request in this time. He demoted himself in the guild because it was troublesome to earn enough for 9th rank. He didn’t bother to read guild rules and he was finding faults in all around him. He stayed in guild supported beginners inn for 5 years and didn’t bother to tip and was always on tab with delayed payment. And when such a dishonest adventurer finally got fired and receptionist, inn owner and his daughter at last told him what they thought about him he hates them so much for his own faults? The only ones who really went ahead and wronged him were the bitches from his party, but there he also was cheating them not telling that he doesn’t level up. And when one of his past party members showed concern and honsetly give him a warning he prefered to live in his chuninbou than listen and get the… away. Yeah again the bitch mage used him as sacrificial pawn but before he was warned by the elf.

        I do want to see how author will handle the change in character.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Isekai or not isekai, ppl don’t always make it no matter how much effort and hard work they put in. (I mean, just look at how I’ve gotten 0 coffee so far for this story).

      But jokes aside, he has never stopped training/ working hard (tried his best in his circumstances). This chapter told me that it looks like he always had it in him but for reasons we don’t know yet, he was never abled to level/manifest his wep.

      I’m generally not a fan of mcs suddenly finding power and turning op either, but in this case, I won’t judge till later since this might be explained and touch up on later by the author in revealing plot related twists.

      As for his personality – he isn’t the most likeable atm (to me), but since personality is shaped by environment, I’m willing to see what he’ll turn into and enjoy the ride~

      Liked by 3 people

      1. So I did throw some coffe your way (I have to work on my impulse control) for KDCS.

        I wanted to thank you for your work as you are the second writer/translator I supported.

        Hope you get more coffis but not from this novel.


      2. If you go back to chapter 1, it looks like he is finally awakening the skill for his families sword technique. Just he had to come extremely close to death for it to awaken it for some reason.


    3. this guy is pretty much a cripple, and i have seen real cripples with no safety net to back them up, they can survive and stay above being homeless but little else, again, is edgy AF but pretty reasonable


  2. Eating the maggots… was a pretty reasonable response, if he could gain levels that could even propel him to a higher level and maybe overcoming the paralysis by leveling up, so i can accept the plot armor kicking in at that moment


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