Soul Eater of the Rebellion 12

An Encounter at the Bottom of the Cave


At the time I pierced the Fly Lord’s forehead, a huge soul that was much bigger than the ones from of the maggots flowed into me.


After enjoying the body-trembling pleasure, I instinctively smiled.


「Ahhhh…That’s the stuff! Even though I’ve said all that stuff about the afterlife, you won’t be able to go there since I’ve eaten all your souls, ahahaha!」


While I was laughing, my body greatly trembled again.


I displayed my level with an expression of joy, and what showed up was the number 『5』. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as if my level going up was something really funny.


However, I couldn’t sit there and laugh like an idiot forever.


Even though I leveled up, I’ll starve to death if I can’t escape from this nest. It’ll be too sad if that happened.


I have already confirmed that there were no side exits in this place when I was killing the maggots. It has to be through the hole at the top if I wanted to escape.


「Well, that should be a piece of cake for the me now」


When I was fighting the Fly Lord earlier, I increased my physical abilities by covering my entire body with “Kei”.


To put it simply, “Kei” is a type of magic energy that is created from inside the body.


If you borrow the words of a mage, it’d be something like your life force. By the way, magic energy that exists in nature is referred to as “Mana”.


When comparing which source was better to use when using magic, usually the latter was better.

Of course that’s true when you look at it as personally generated energy versus nature-generated energy, but that isn’t the case when it came to users of the phantom blade style.


For the phantom blade style, where the secret lied on the user being able to manifesting beings of the same origin as them, the amount of life force they would have is extraordinarily large.


Of course the actual values differed per person, but for those who have obtained their soul equipment, the amount of life force they possess would definitely exceed someone who is a mage as their main class.


Naturally, I’ve been polishing the art of using my life force since I was born.

To aim for the peak of the phantom blade style, it was essential for one to master their “Kei”.


Anyhow, the amount of “Kei” I possess has skyrocketed ever since I managed to manifest my soul equipment. Now I feel like there’s a spring of power inside of me that surges out power endlessly.


My physical abilities have also improved by the same ratio when I enhance my body with kei. Right now, I could climb a cliff without the need for any tools.


Even though I was in a situation where I was stranded at the bottom of a steep cave, I wasn’t worried at all.


「But more than anything else, the problem I have right now is “that”」


There was a girl lying on the ground in front of me. She was a victim of the Fly Lord just like me.


She looked to be around thirteen or fourteen years old… if I compared her to a human that is.


There were horns on her forehead. Two long and thin horns were clearly growing out from there.


In this world, there are races other than humans. Although I knew that there were elves since I met Lunamaria, it wasn’t that uncommon to see dwarves or therianthropes in the city of Ishka. I’ve also heard that races like lizardmen, mermaids, dragonewts also existed.


However, I only knew about one race among all the demi-human races that had horns growing out of their forehead like this.


「A Kijin, huh… it’s my first time seeing one」

(Kijin is a type of demon from Japanese myth lore, looks like a human but with horns)


A race that worshipped one of the legendary beings of this world -the demon god. They are enemies of mankind.

There was a theory that said the demon god was evolved from an adult Kijin.


Humans and Kijins have been killing each other since the war three hundred years ago, and that relationship still continued today.


However, after the demon god was sealed, the Kijin tribes were getting run over by the humans and they are now nearly extinct. However, even though they aren’t a threat compared to what they used to be three hundred years ago, humans will still attack them in groups once they see them.


It’s because humans had never been able to get rid of the fear they had from that time– is what I would have liked to say, but there was probably some greed involved in their motives.


The horns of a Kijin possessed pretty powerful magic energy, so they are prized as a high quality magic medium.


It could become medicine or material for high class armors if you grind it up, and you can even use it as an excellent tool to get rid of poison in a drink if you hollow out the horn and pour the drinks in it.


It’s said that one of their horns could amass a fortune, and in fact, I have seen it pop up on auctions randomly from time to time and what it sold for was truly staggering.


Thinking up to this far, I remembered the rumor that I heard before.


「Mythical races lived in the depths of the Thetis forest, was it…? Looks like it was unexpectedly true…」


I muttered as I looked at the girl’s face.


…Truthfully speaking, she was a little dirty.


Her face and hair looked to be well groomed, but everywhere aside from that seemed to be as dirty as bums you find on the streets.


Even the clothes she wore were just big leaves that were forcefully tied together. I could even see parts that I shouldn’t be looking at when she’s lying there on the ground– Yup, but I was looking.


…Hm, her breasts are bigger than they should be at her age though. Well, I can’t tell how old a Kijin is for sure just by looking; she could be way past her twenties.

Oh no, I shouldn’t be talking about this.


「Now then, what should I do about this?」


This was a chance to get rich quickly.

She had two horns. I would make enough money to play around for the rest of my life if things go smoothly. If possible, I just have to put a rope around her neck and bring her back. In a sense, that would be much better than cutting her horns off.


This girl… even though she was a little dirty, she had a very cute face. She would likely grow into a beauty over the next few years.


Moreover, I can tell that she has a rich soul just by looking at her. The face I had from before was showing again from the desire to eat her up right now.


I instinctively made a bitter smile when I became aware of that.


Then, I slapped myself on the cheeks to snap out of it.


Ever since I got my soul equipment, I started to strangely become a different person. However, I didn’t hate that at all. If anything, it feels like I became more cheerful.


Was that due to my soul equipment? Or was this how I originally was?

Either way, I don’t mind. I will be proud of who I am no matter which is the case.


But yeah.


That’s why I have to draw a clear line as I yield this power. If I use this power without caring about anything at all, I might drown in the power and become a monster before long. I don’t want to have a future like that.


That line to be more specific, would be at whether or not the other party wants to harm me.


I shouldn’t eat someone if they’ve done no harm to me even if they are of the Kijin race.

On the other hand, if someone tries to harm me, I will eat them regardless of them being human or Kijin!


That was the policy of『Falcon’s Sword』. I’ll make them remember those words when I get back!


With that flame ignited in my chest, a faint sound of groaning came from the young girl’s mouth.


When I looked at her, the girl’s head was shaking left and right with knitted brows as if she was in pain.

It looks like she was about to wake up.


As expected, after a few seconds, she slowly opened both of her eyes…




TLN: Kijin like in Tensi Shitara Slime Datta Ken if anyone’s watching that anime too 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Soul Eater of the Rebellion 12

  1. So author took the easy way of building character. Switch and we have new character instead of old, no growing, no moral dillema, no shock or self doubt, just overwrite the old with new and no trauma just cool head. Really disappoiting, but seeing first chapters I got a hunch that author wasn’t good the “tragedy” of his was thin.

    So what will he do, MC that is? I guess this will be main heroine (another shameless copy from Arifureta).

    Thanks for translation it was very good.

    When next KDCS?


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