Soul Eater of the Rebellion 11

Fly Lord


“She” didn’t have a name.

The humans called her a Fly Lord, but that name meant nothing to her.

There was no need for “her” to care about what her live prey referred to her as.


However, it would be another story to take “her” opponents lightly because of that.

“She” was very cautious. At times you could even say that she was overly cautious.


But that was why she was able to survive and grow into an adult.


Inside the Thetis forest, a Fly Lord would be at the top of the food chain. One could overpower most of its enemies from the forest in a fight.


However, that was only true if they were in their adult form.


For the period before she became an adult, “she” lived as the hunted instead of the hunter.


She primarily fed on the remaining carcasses of other creatures’ prey.


It was an awful situation for her, but she had no choice. If she took the risk and tried to hunt for herself, she would have probably become prey.


As the numbers of her countless brothers and sisters decreased as time went on, “she” was left alone by the time she realized it.


However, because of that, surviving had become easier for her. It was because her siblings didn’t know what danger really meant that they continued to die.


When she thought of it like that, maybe she was lucky to have ended up alone – That’s what “she” thought.

The fact of the matter was that “she” managed to grow into an adult inside the Thetis forest.

And then she was fortunate enough to have found a partner to mate with.


Lots of children were born.

Since there were many mouths to feed, “she” had to find lots of food for them.


“She” was ecstatic. “She” was able to clear away all those negative feelings that she had from always having to run and hide when she was younger.


Even right now, she was on her way bringing back a female human that she has caught and poisoned.

Before this, it was a human male. Some of her children liked that, but most of them preferred human females.


“She” felt really satisfied to have caught this girl today.


However, she thought that it might become harder to hunt in the near future since she has noticed that the number of humans who entered this forest recently has decreased.

That was her only concern.

Her children have grown bigger recently, so it will be tough to provide them with enough food the way things are going.

They should be able to live on the insects and beasts from the forest, but for some reason her children really favored humans.


It was probably because of the interesting expressions that the humans make when they are being eaten alive rather than because of a preference in taste. “She” could understand that point quite well.


Unfortunately for her, that desire of hers was rarely fulfilled back when “she” was young, since her mother only gave her insects and animals to eat. (Moreover, they were all dead too!).


Her initial thoughts at that time were that she would have never allowed that to happen to her children when she becomes a mother. Therefore, she did not cut any corners in getting her children fresh food.


Like that, she came back to her nest in a good mood, but there was a bad feeling when she arrived at the entrance of her nest.


It was a feeling that she had long forgotten since she became an adult– The sense of danger approaching.


She was able to become what she is today thanks to that instinct.


However, she couldn’t listen to it today. Why? Because the feeling was coming from her own nest.


“Her” nest was located in the depths of the Thetis forest. The entrance was on a slightly elevated cliff.


She had chosen a spot like that so it would be hard for other predators to get near her children and prey on them. All she had to do was to actively get rid of the few predators that could fly as she came across them.

Due to her efforts- there shouldn’t be any predators left that could hunt them from the sky. That’s why, her nest shouldn’t be in danger.


“Her” wings were slightly vibrating and her eight legs were rubbing against each other.

It’s the same thing as what a human calls shaking in cold sweat.


This is bad. Bad. This place is bad news.


Her instinct’s alarm was ringing like crazy, warning her like she’ll die if she doesn’t get away from here now.


However, “she” decided to go inside her nest. She did not want to let go of the human that she just caught.

Her children lived here. They were all waiting here for new food.


They would probably be complaining to her like usual that they were hungry after she goes inside.


She must go in. No, she had no choice but to go in.


So what is going on?


――Why can’t she see any of her children here?

――Why is it so quiet in her nest?

――Why…. Why was a human who was supposed to have gotten eaten standing there?!


「Haha! It looks really mad! If you can understand what’s going on from this situation, it seems like you do possess some intelligence after all」


Shut up.


「You get it, don’t you? I’ve already cut down all your children. They were all making some squealing sounds. I’m sure that they were all crying for their mother」


Shut uppp.


「But too bad! Their mother did not make it back in time! What a shame, if you made it back here a quat (author note: 30 minutes) earlier, maybe you could have saved half of them!」


Shut up!!


「Well, it is what it is. However, I did plan on killing you as well! Hahahhaha!! Thank you, Fly Lord! Thanks to you, my level has risen to 4. This place was a really good hunting ground!」


Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!!

Don’t get ahead of yourself, you damned live prey!




After the Fly Lord casually tossed the girl that “she” caught aside in the cave, she silently roared as the four wings on her back started to flap violently.


Then, like a gust of wind, she charged at the human.


When she caught this human back then, he could not react to this attack at all. At that time, she had purposely missed his vital areas to leave him alive, but she did not need to do so this time.


I’ll kill him!


It attacked with tremendous momentum. In that narrow cave, she could not control her speed and a loud impact was created as she crashed into the wall.


Rocks and earth fell onto her head from above due the tremor created from the impact inside this steep cave.

However, to “her”, the Fly Lord, getting hit by those was the same as getting bit by a mosquito.


Swords and arrows cannot penetrate a Fly Lord’s tough carapace, and even lesser and medium levels of magic would be repelled. Although greater magic could hurt her, it’s not an easy task to land a spell on an agile Fly Lord that’s flying in the air.


If a human was hit by such tough body armor, they would be crushed to pieces. That human would be no exception to that — “She” truly believed that.


「Sorry to disappoint you」


An unpleasant voice came from behind her.


When she turned around and stretched her head back, the human that should have been crushed to pieces was standing there calmly.


「Ahaha, my body feels so light! If I compare it to yesterday, it feels like I had lead armor on then」


『――! ――、――――!』


「Come at me again if you’re mad. It’ll act as some good practice for me」


Her compounded insect eyes glowed red from anger as she unleashed another fierce attack at the human.


She charged again, and another clash happened.


Sand and rubble fell on her head again as “she” thought this time for sure–


But the human was still alive, and that wasn’t all. The main source of her power, the hard outer carapace, a part of it was deeply cut. It shouldn’t have been possible by a human’s weapon.


『――!! —?!』


「Hm so I can do this just from using my hands without drawing power from my hips or legs. It felt like I was cutting a slime!」


With an evil look on his face, the human spoke out as if he couldn’t contain his delight.


And then, her carapace was cut up at an unbelievable speed.


Her legs were cut and she was sent flying through the air.

Her right eye was pierced.


“She” was also fighting with all she had, but she couldn’t keep up with the movements of this human at all. She was just being cut, stabbed, and gouged.


She judged that she was no match for him and tried to escape, but she could not fly well with one of her eyes crushed. And since four of her eight legs were gone, she could not balance herself well in the air either.


Right now, the alarm in “her” head was going off like a storm.


I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m so dead.

I’ll be killed if this goes on.


Even the anger she felt from losing all her children has drifted far away now.


If I want to survive, I have to endure-

Until I can get away from this human with this messed up body.


But of course, her resistance was futile as the attacks from the human did not stop.




「Hm…? What’s going on? The『Soul Eating』effect has suddenly gotten weaker」


The human suddenly stopped attacking when he mumbled something to himself in a confused voice.

Then, he continued to mutter some more.


「Is it because it’s near death? No, not yet, but it’s not too far from it. It’s obviously trying to run though… Oh, maybe that’s it! To eat a soul efficiently, it would depend on something like how active it is, I’m sure. It’s natural that there would be a difference when trying to eat the soul of an opponent who was coming at me head on versus one that’s getting cold feet and trying to back away. So I guess once it has gotten to this stage, dragging this on any more than that is pointless, huh?」


After the human said that, he readied his weapon at her again.


The moment that black sword was pointed at her, she felt a chill that she has never felt before.

If she were a human, she would have started screaming without a doubt.


I’m going to be killed. I’m going to be killed. I’m going to be killed.


I’ll definitely die if I stay here any longer!




“She” moved the wings on her back with all her might. She tried to ignore her balance issues and recklessly flew up in the air. I don’t care if I hit a wall. Fly, I have to fly away, I have to fly away no matter what!


She aimed at the exit above them single-mindedly.

Humans can’t fly. She can get away if she just makes it out of the nest.


With that thought in “her” mind, she continuously flapped her wings.


But coming from behind her back—


「Phantom blade style…『Wind』!!」


She heard a voice.


The next moment, she felt a tremendous impact on her lower body.

From the extent of the impact, even her huge body that was about five meters in length was sent flying.


She was so close to the exit.


While confused by the unexplained impact, she kept moving her wings in a half conscious state. No, she was trying to move them.


But her four wings had already been lost.


From the attack just now, her wings were torn apart and the pieces of them scattered everywhere as she was sent flying through the air unbelievably—


『――!? ――!! ――??』 


After five blank breaths, she hit the floor of the cave.


The ground shook like an earthquake. Her vision was covered by the fluid that was coming out of her wounds on her body, and she lost her ability to see.


The human cackled as he walked towards her.


「That was a jumping slash attack that releases a slicing shockwave from the sword. “Wind” is a basic technique in the phantom blade style. Well, up until yesterday, I couldn’t even bring out the power of this basic technique though. The ability to be able to use it so easily like this was thanks to you, my gracious Fly Lord」


The blackness of the night and the red glow of blood.

The sharp blade with those two colors struck down at her forehead.


“She” who has realized that she was being overwhelmed by this human, tried to block the attack with her remaining legs, but the black blade easily cut through her last form of resistance.


After losing all her legs and wings, she was just like a huge maggot.


「You can go say hello to your children in the after life」


Along with that voice, she felt something penetrating her head.


She thought of resisting one last time–but it stopped at only a thought.


From this human’s mouth, she heard him say something about the “afterlife” where she could meet her children in, so if she remained still like this then she would be able to see them again. If that’s the case, it was fine for her to die.


She thought that her children would surely be hungry, and she would again provide them with lots of food.


However, she would avoid hunting human males this time, she thought.


That was the last thought “she” had in her mind.



TLN: On the other side of the coin – when a nice mom meets a jackass perspective


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24 thoughts on “Soul Eater of the Rebellion 11

  1. Thanks for such a wonderfull worl translating this chapter, I think this is for me from this series, I don’t enjoy series like this one.


    1. There can be a change, drastic even after this, if you see the tags it’s “Isekai, Herem, Adventurer, Fantasy”

      Tho the first one is already very wrong… Where the heck is the other world er, translator San? A normal fantasy shouldn’t be jacked in to Isekai just because of the flood of Isekai these days… Haha

      But harem and Adventurer, I’d wait for that, if it at least go on par with Arifureta, I’d be happy.


      1. No Nocturnal. Sp12er is right isekai is a genre where protagonist is summoned or reincarnated into another world or sometimes something gots summoned to “ours” modern world. When there is no summoning or reincarnation it is fantasy or SF. Now with isekai popularity some authors or publishers want to sell their work as isekai just to get a share of the market.


  2. damn, i really like the author.
    it’s not isekai reincarnation, not classic japanese boy (this one, we dont know yet), and nice pov.
    thx for translating this novel.


  3. So he becomes a sadist?

    It would be funny if the humal girl that the fly lord brought back was the Red head magician bitch that harrased, betrayed, used as sacrificial pawn and kicked out of the party. Then he could do anything to her and have his revange with immobile her. If it would be true the karma again would be bitch.
    Of it isn’t anyone from his former party then maybe it is advent of heroine?

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  4. Never thought I’d ever feel bad for a monster fly. Excited for this series.
    Hope we get more insight into why he was stuck at lvl1 aside from pure lack of potential / capped at 1

    Ty for all the tls.

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    1. I think the MC problem wasn’t that he had a cap in talent but he needed a really big EXP amount to level up, he said that the theory was that either his level limit was 1 or he hasn’t taken enough EXP to level up, and everyone assume he was at his level cap because he trained like everyone else and was guetting the same exp and even so wasn’t going up, if you ask me the mistake of the author was having him jump to Level 4 so fast after just reachin level 2.


      1. No, it’s fine to do that as well,
        It might be safe to assume that the potential for that legendary sword to come to someone have been passed on for people to people, but none of them managed to survive long enough to manifest it.
        Probably everyone with it died staying a level 1.

        This experiment phase by the MC is a good move, true, he managed to take a guess that soul devouring gave him hundreds, or maybe even thousand of exp, it’s not far fetched then thousands of maggots raised his level by 4.

        Let’s just think that he now gained normal human’s rate of level up, BUT each level up gave him way higher stats boost.

        Remember that Lars guy, a 4 rank higher Adventurer than him, had to ran away from the Fly Lord, and he was In a party to boot.

        Our MC already got a jump over Lars, both because of the stats, so his body, which has the necessary technique and skills before, but no power behind, finally had a huge boost.
        Second his magical sword is better equipment than anything else anyone can have.

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      2. It would work if by the time he was level 1 it was shown that he was extremely strong for someone with such a low level, wich I don’t remember, no tge author was to busy making him look bad or pitfall for that. Now he just jumped from one of the weakest persons show to one that can take down such a strong monster is to mutch of a disparity jump. All this time he worked hard on his basic but the story pretty mutch told us is was wasted effort now it counts for anything? ??

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      3. Hmm, I think he was still able to somehow keep up to the samely, newbie party members he had, that’s still a feat right? They really only left him to die after they knew he always only have 1 level. Back when they just met, and up to he got kicked, which means it’s 6 months of leeching for them. Thats how low people think others with very low growth limit is, I guess..
        Even though if say 1 level of his: 5 levels of other people, he’d still just a lvl 5 human. But at lvl 4? He’s level 20.

        I’m making this conjecture really to add in to that theory that humans has a growth limit, there’s nobody that go beyond lvl 99. So what OP power cna he has? By having each level up more substantial upgrades for him than anyone else. That’d balance the truly exorbitant cost per level seems to leave him with.

        Or I might be wrong and he still only have normal human level up but his is unique that he can’t level up without using the sword. But I won’t disregard the MC’s theorycrafting just to push that.


      4. Thats what doesn’t let me connect things, he has been stuck in Level 1 what 18 years??? At that time he has killed a lot of monsters, bandits, trained and sparred with a good number of people, even the monster that he lost to wich had him expelled from the island was admitedly strong enough that a normal adult would have difficulty dealing with it, that no child should be trying to beat it alone. So we can assume he wasn’t just dealing with weak beigns, but 18 years of all that effort all that number of beigns killed didn’t gained him enough EXP to Level Up, now the larvaes gave him enough to jump two level??? Shouldn’t he need even more EXP from Level 2 till Level 3 that he needed to leave Level 1? How can the larvae give him so mutch??? I know that with the sword he is gaining more EXP form individual that before but it is truly that big of a diference???


      5. MC DIDN’T WORK HARD, God damn it. For the last three years he didn’t take any subjugation quest only gathering. He was an afraid p***y. And I think that he was stronger than most on level 1 because of his sword mastery and because his party nembers leveled up he didn’t but they didn’t see him as weaker untill he confessed


      6. Yes because all those years in the island he only scratched his ball and trained when he was bored, no working hard at all there………. his party memebers??? The ones that when he went to with his problems just berated him for lying??? In fact they acussed him of parasiting of them when he was there working the same amount with them. No for them was easier to follow apearences and berate the one ‘crippled’ that judge him for the work he had put so far, nothing wrong with no working with him anymore but there was no need for them to put such a bad nickname on him and create such an horrendous reputation for him. Now in case you missed it he didn’t have the aptitude to take riskier quest as a solo adventure even if he did survive it the damage to his equipment would be big enough for him not to profit anytghing from it, nor did he has the cash to buy the proper equipment to do such a quests either, the only thing that he could do solo where those herbs gathering quest that gave him enough money to pay with all the discounts he got as an adventure. Granted he was procastinating all those years, if he really wanted to help he could have quitted adventuring and go join the army, instead he wallowed on his pity.

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      7. On the island those who had not passed the test were not allowed to fight monsters, so no ExP pre exile. He also spent the last 3 years doing only harvesting since he could not afford to repair and replace weapons net result he only actively gained experience for 2 out of 18 years.

        the soul equipment sword also seems to be an experience multiplier, or maybe it harvests the energy experience comes form more efficiently, and he is killing hundreds to thousands of these maggots that are probably worth more exp then their individual threat allows, and likely provide more then the moonsters he fought as a rank 9 adventurer did.


  5. For some reason I kinda feel sorry for the flylord,just trying to survive and do her best to take care of her Children.her ownly mistake was not following her mother’s example.her and her children would never have bin put in danger if she didn’t hunt humans.


  6. How he respond to the carried girl will reflect on the future of this series from now on, that female being carried by the wasp is a test.
    Like a test given by God (the author) for the MC

    1)if it’s Mori witch: how he’d face contempt, confusion and fear shown to him for the first time

    2)if it’s the elf: depends on how the elf acts.

    A. If she actually really shows her “true color”, and he wasn’t misunderstanding, it’d be the same as no 1, but

    B. if she actually doesn’t, it’d be the second test for him:
    *save her or not
    *Make use of her or not.
    *trust her or not.

    2B would make him have the same exact path as Hajime of Arifureta. Gaining strength while re-learning compassion.

    3)random girl with no prior connection: blank state, same test as 2B, just different heroine.

    I’m basing this from the tags the Translator gave us.. “Harem” and also chapter 9.

    He does have way worse start than Hajime though, in Arifureta, at least he got one person he know he gained trust from, that pushes him forward for his first step.

    While here, the only person that he know without a doubt trust him, already died.
    And we can safely guess that the cause of her death is also him as well. Kek.

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    1. Who was the person that trusted him and died?

      Hajime got a lot worse off start. And a lot better character and power building. Hajime didn’t suddenly and easily become OP. He had to work hard not like this excuse of a character and MC


      1. Hm? It’s Kaori, when he was the weakest of the group, she went against the flow and promised to protect him from harm, by then she’s already completely smitten by him.
        Also, his parents, Hajime’s parents is very close to him. Both are the reasons that make him wants to go back to his world.
        True that he was falling hard after getting back stabbed, bu Hajime’s struggle is just that, lost his right arm and eyes, chased to almost death, he In effort to run away maniacally dig up a cave for hours, until he lay exhausted under the God’s tears. His circumstances went up from there.

        While this guy is basically orcastriced for years, people he thought can trust, actually ended up never put any feelings to him, the world of “power is everything” is too harsh for him. Also, the person that believed him? Just his mother. And she died after the worsening illness after his birth.
        His potential might’ve been what robbed her life.
        That 5 years struggle is enough to make him quite OP soon after his awakening IMO, he paid enough price.

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  7. “Those kids have it so easy, when i was their age all i had to eat were rotten carcasses of animals, not the nice live humans they get, so spoiled”

    “mom, mom, we are hungry!”

    “Awwwwwww, i can’t say no to those squirming faces, wait here kids momma is going to bring the bacon home, some human sows will do”


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