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  • AARASL 30

    30 here! Enjoy~        

  • AARASL 29

    Here’s 29   We are farmers… bum ba dum bum bum bum bum         Thanks for the coffee, LoreU.Sandoval!!

  • AARASL 28

    Here’s 28, enjoy!               After building my own bed that I got from IKEA a few days ago, I finally understood why MC was wet for Toack.

  • AARASL 27

    Here’s 27. Enjoy! So dense.         Thanks Shinta for your generous coffees!  

  • AARASL 26

    Here’s 26. Enjoy.         Thx for the coffee Soren! I’ve been busy with moving IRL but I will get the remaining chapters of vol1 out ASAP once things settle down.      

  • CUCKED 6

    6 Enjoy!  

  • AARASL 25

    Here you go, short chapter.