Chapter 6- The Night Rena Kurobuchi Wept ⑥ (Love Scene- First Half)


「Uuuuu ♡」


Rena’s left breast was fondled once through her bra. But with just that one rub, she had unintentionally let out a lovely, coquettish voice. She held her hands tightly together as she arched her back dramatically out of surprise.


She never thought for a second that she would make such a womanly voice from just one move. Rena’s face reddened as she lashed out,


「Waitt- No~ no surprise attack right now. Nooo! So annoying! Even though it’s Seiya-kun, I…Ahhhhhh ♡♡」


Her body tilted to the side as if she was melting. It was only from her nipple getting lightly teased by his fingertips. But from merely just that, Rena realized that she was completely turned on from what was happening to her left breast.


The indecent wriggling movements of the male from above her bra were transmitted clearly to her soft skin which had its sensitivity raised to its maximum.


Seiya wasn’t lying when he called her rusty in bed. Rena finally remembered just how sensitive she once was back when she indulged in sex with Seiya.


And at this time, her left breast was no longer an abundant mass of soft meat; it had degraded to a female sex object that was meant for the male to play with.


When she glanced down, she could sure enough see the shadows of her nipples sticking out even through her yukata. Rena’s overexcited giant G-cup tits were willfully informing her partner’s beast that they were all ready.


That perverted female sex object was being trampled by Seiya’s right hand with no hesitation.


「Uguuhh…Ahhh, ahhh ♡, ahh, noooo, I don’t want it ♡」


The pleasure radiated through Rena’s lower back and made her body bend to the side in a く shape. She instinctively tried to pull Seiya’s right hand away to try to stop him.


But that level of resistance was nothing but child’s play for Seiya’s attacks. As her breast shook in the palm of his hand, she was tempted by that faint sense of pleasure. When Rena’s grip weakened, Seiya quickly went in a circular motion with his fingers around her nipple. As she involuntarily let out some sharp erotic moans, Seiya switched to a gentler type of massaging next. Then right when she started to get addicted to that sweet feeling, she cried out from her nipple suddenly being played with.


In any case, that large variety of attack patterns was what Rena hated the most… Basically, what she had really hoped for was for there to be a set order in his attacks. Before long, her left breast was completely tamed by Seiya. Few millimeters by few millimeters, she unconsciously started to move closer to him, into a position where it would make it easier for him to keep on massaging her.


「Mnnnn ♡ Nooo. This isn’t- This isn’t right ♡♡ My good for nothing boobs are selfishly making my body move ♡♡ 」


Rena fixed her posture in a hurry, but it did not last long. Before she realized it, she had already reverted to the same position before where she was immodestly offering Seiya her breasts.


「You’re a pervert, Rena-san」


「Uuuuu. Seiya-kun- Seiya-kun, my body is becoming weird because you’re only making my left breast feel good. Ah ♡ Amazing ♡ I like this ♡ Ahn, ahh, ah ♡, ahhhhhhh ♡♡♡」


The uneven pleasure that was only coming from her left breast teased Rena’s entire body and drove her inner female instinct crazy.


But first of all, there was a fundamental difference in the level of their techniques in the first place. The sex skills Seiya was displaying right now were several levels higher than the lovely mouth service that Rena had shown him earlier.


However, it was only natural.


The two of them had the same amount of sex with each other in those two years.


And both of them were pursuers of exceptionally good sex.


But what Rena aimed at and mastered back in those days were skills that would let her dominate whatever good men she could find on the spot by making them addicted to her body.


On the other hand, Seiya had honed his skills for the sole woman that he was in love with.


To love, serve, and please, all in hopes of somehow making the Kurobuchi sensei he loved look his way.


They were aiming for a different height in the first place.


Rena, who really tried to please a man for the first time in her life today, versus Seiya, who had pleased her for two years- While they are both skilled in bed, the difference between them is like heaven to earth. If she were to be compared to him, Rena could be described as a virgin.


She finally understood now that he had been going easy on her in bed for a long time because he treated her like a princess on his own bed.


If Seiya were to use his skills with ill intentions, who knows to what extent he could humiliate her body… And that is what she is experiencing first hand right now.


Drops of liquid started to drip down to Rena’s feet before she became aware of it. It was different than the clear fluid that ran down her thighs earlier; this was a thicker type of lewd juice in white. After being driven to the limit of horniness, this woman started secreting love juice from her crotch without even being touched there.


「Ah, hold on a second. Wait, Seiya-kun. Down there, something’s wrong down there. Oh noo ♡, no no no ♡, n-noooo ♡」


When he saw Rena moving her hips restlessly, Seiya spoke.


「Looks like you’re finally loosening up and about to cum from your breasts being played with, Rena-san…」


「Wha-, there’s no way, right?!」


Rena grabbed onto Seiya’s shirt in a panic as she steeled herself for the pleasure. If Seiya was telling the truth, then pleasure more intense than before would be coming, she thought.

But the actual pleasure she was hit with was still a bit different than what she had expected.


「MMNNnNnnn ♡ Nnnnnnn♡♡♡」


An intense, sweet, yet irritating pleasure ran through her crotch.


「Nooo, no way… What’s going on? What’s happening?!」


Her legs were moving on their own as if they were trying to escape from the irritating feeling.

Her knees caved inwards naturally. As her kneecaps collided with each other in shame, they created a constant *toh*, *toh*, toh*, rhythm. But it wasn’t just that, each time they made that beat, Rena’s big booty would push itself out more on its own.


「Nooo, Noo way?!!」


Rena remembered about this rhythm.

And right now, the beat was synchronized with the way her left breast was getting groped.


「Ah, ah, ahh ♡ Wait! Wait, Seiya-kun!! Stop massaging… Stoppp. Don’t massage me… no, nooo, noooo, not good, not good ♡ My butt!  It’s moving…It’s moving on its own! The memories, they’re coming back to me ♡♡♡♡」


「I told you, didn’t I? That I would make you remember」


This way of attacking her breasts.

It was how Seiya massaged her in the past when he would fuck her from behind in the standing doggy position.

She was scorched again and again by those intense memories full of ecstasy. They were all coming back as a synesthetic response of the torture Seiya was giving her breast.


Like how Seiya was reminded about Rena’s pussy from the scent of her pheromone.


The feeling from her chest being touched brought out the memories of when she sucked on his cock while giving him a titty fuck.


With the memories of the past overlapping with the present stimulation coming from her breast attacking Rena’s body, she could no longer withstand it as her body began to get into a standing doggy position while still facing him.


「No, no way, no way, no way, it’s coming in ♡ it’s coming innnnn♡」


Rena felt her vaginal walls move as its entrance slowly changed its shape. Her mucous membrane shrunk and expanded repeatedly as it made vulgar movements as if it was sucking on “something”. As for what that “something” refers to… Rena’s vagina did not know anything that is thicker, harder, and feels better.


There was no doubt that she was remembering the feeling of Seiya’s cock.


Rena’s lovely ass was shaking, eagerly wanting to get a taste of his super big cock that wasn’t inside of her.


「Oh no, this is not good ♡ Ahhh ♡,  not good ♡, help me Seiya-kun, this is painful ♡♡, It’d feel so good, it’d feel so good ♡ but the cock’s not in here ♡♡ Ahh♡hhhh♡hhhh♡♡」


Rena moaned out in a miserable voice while she was drowning in her delusion of getting fucked by his huge cock.


*spurrtt* *spurtt*


Inside her already soaked underwear, vulgar love juices leaked out every time her hips shook. Since her vaginal walls were tightening up but nothing was there, her womb was in a panic.

When Seiya saw the expression on Rena’s face, his face went red.


「So you made this kind of face when I would fuck you from behind, huh…」


「No, nooo, Seiya-kun, you stupid~ Ahh ♡ ahhh♡」


The face that Rena makes when she gets fucked from behind was a melting expression full of womanly charm.


Her eyelids were almost completely shut and her cheeks were beautifully flushed. While making that melting expression on her face, she stuck her tongue out as far as she could. Right now, she was showing how she’d look when she gets deeply penetrated by the male.


「Leave me alone. I get like this…I get like this when you put it in me from behind, I get like this right away ♡」


「If you never showed me this side of you… To think that you would just casually tell me “It was alright, Seiya-kun” after making a face like that every time」


「D-don’t make fun of me. I can’t help it since just doing it with you was amazing enough… getting fucked from behind by you feels so good that I can’t do anything about it」


Seiya could no longer tell if she was angry with him or praising him.


「That really reliable long and fat cock ♡, it would rub through all my weak spots from the entrance to the back every time it came in. No other guys could do something like that. Even when my hips gave out, you would keep on pounding me deeply again and again ♡」


Rena opened her big round eyes as her convulsing back arched.


Her tongue was stuck out as far as she could under the intense pleasure. That action of hers has only one meaning to it. Her vagina was gradually spreading open as she imagined Seiya’s super long cock had penetrated to her deepest area.


「Oh no ♡ Oh no ♡ The thing you said you’d make me remember, it’s about the deepest spot that you could hit, isn’t it?  Even though I went through all that trouble to forget it. Seiya-kun you idiot. Ahh ♡, so deep ♡ it’s coming in so deep ♡♡ It’s coming to bully all my weak spots in my deepest places ♡♡♡ 」


Seeing Rena like that, the bulge in front of Seiya grew even bigger than before. When Rena saw that, she stared at it with tears in her eyes.


「Isn’t your thing getting too big even though it’s you? It got like that from seeing my face. Even though it’s normally super big already, it’s still getting bigger ♡ Put it in ♡♡ Please, Seiya-kun, give it to me ♡♡ Nee~ take it off right now, take everything off right now. Since I was the one who got that cock so hard, please give it to me!」


Although they were outdoors, Rena cried out to him while forgetting everything about their positions of power. Her cravings for his cock drove her crazy after her body remembered about how it feels to be fucked by him from behind.


But Seiya did not answer her request. Instead, he changed the way he was massaging her.


Rena’s movements changed when she received the new way of having her boobs roughly smooshed. She slowly started to move her hands that were placed on Seiya’s chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her knees that were rubbing against each other had started to relax as her legs begun to spread open. Her beautiful legs opened up to the same width as Seiya’s hips. *thump, thump, thump*, this time, she started humping his lower region.


「Ahh…Oh no, this, this is…♡」


What she started doing was replicating the movements of when they would do it in the sitting cowgirl position. It was hard to tell because they were standing, but to her and Seiya, it was something obvious.


「Ahh, ahh ♡, nooo♡, Seiya-kun is entering me again…♡♡♡」


The way he strongly pinched her nipples reminded Rena of how they fucked in that position. But was it because she felt a sense of security being held by Seiya this time? Rena started to take in this comforting pleasure that was coming from somewhere. Since they were hugging this time, she did not need to worry about what kind of expression she was making on her face.


However, she spoke in a nervous voice when it reached a certain point.


「H-hold on a second! Stop, Seiya-kun! No! Nonono!」


「What’s wrong?」


「I…. I’m…umm…Ah, mmmnnn ♡…」


「What is it?」


「What you ask…Umm… Snu…」




After a stutter, as if she had given up, Rena looked down and said,


「…I want to snuggy」


She whispered into Seiya’s ear.


With her really red and embarrassed expression, she spoke the shameful term that only the two of them would understand.


That was a lewd kink of Rena’s.


It was something that she always wanted to do when they did it in the sitting cowgirl position where they hugged each other.


In other words, during their sex in that position, she would secretly use Seiya’s pubic area to rub it-

– Her sensitive clitoris.

Many many times with that vulgar part.


It was a habit of masturbating her clitoris with Seiya’s body. Rena was truly embarrassed about it back then as well.


However, even though she did not realize it, her action was caused by the primal desire of her female instinct. In other words, Rena’s subconscious was not masturbating but she liked to rub her scent on the lower body of the male that she liked. It was an action of “marking”, told to her by her instincts to keep the other females away.


The two of them went through a period of time trying to come up with a way to cure that fetish of hers without knowing any of that. Seiya always tried to somehow make her crazy with his cock despite the humiliation he felt at times from her wanting to masturbate like that even when he’s inside of her.


But the downside of Seiya’s action was it made Rena love his penis so much that it made her want to rub her clitoris against his pubic area even more. Although Seiya’s cock did not last too long in bed, he could still manage to not cum before Rena in the sitting cowgirl position where they faced each other.


Whenever Seiya was done with the act, Rena had always covered his lower half with sticky sweet fluids.


Although she was embarrassed by that every time, she still wanted to do the sitting cowgirl position regularly where they faced each other. It was a strange fetish to Seiya as well.


「No Seiya-kun, that’s really not good…Don’t remind me of that…. Mnnn ♡」


Rena hugged him tightly and pleaded softly into his ear.


Her fetish was cured in the last half a year. It could be said that it was the only good thing that happened to her after the sex days with Seiya ended. But now, her lower body had awoken to those memories of the past and was trying to exert its perverted fetish again.


Rena’s hip were convulsing pathetically again and again.

She was desperately trying to suppress it.

Sweat started to form on her forehead.


She appealed to him in a sad voice.


「Not good… I really… really… want to snuggy here…」


「It’s fine if you want to」


「Noo… it’s so dirty…」


「No one’s looking, you know?」


「You are… Seiya-kun…」


「Didn’t you want to do something even dirtier together?」


「But you’re not doing it to me right now… Ahnn♡」


「It’s fine, Rena-san. I actually don’t hate it」




He should have her begging for mercy, but when he heard such a nice voice from Rena, he compromised without minding it. Rena’s pubic mound that stood out had already started to convulse rapidly. Moreover, she did not want to be seen doing her weird fetish.


「Mnnnnn♡♡…. nnnnnn♡♡♡… mnnnnnnn….mnnnn♡…」


Rena closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and endured it as she groaned. While she was enduring it, she occasionally let out sounds of her teeth grinding together.


However, “it” paid her a visit when she was at her limits. While her feet staggered in the air, it slightly touched with her mons pubis.


Needless to say, what touched her was Seiya’s hard cock.


Although it was only slightly touching and there were several layers of cloth in between, Rena’s female instinct picked it up in a moment.


His rock hard cock that has become huge to its utmost limit after he massaged her breasts and saw her going stupid for him and the pleasure she’d feel from grinding her clitoris against it as if she was doing some kind of yoga… The moment Rena imagined it, she knew she had lost.




She announced her defeat in a very quiet voice.


At that moment, her slim hips were feeling delighted and frustrated at the same time.


From here on she will grind on that hard part with all she’s got.


Her clitoris was already drenched in slimy love juice. It was stiff, tingling, and half of her clitoral hood had retracted from over excitement.




Rena did not get her way for some reason.


「Why are you dodging me?!!!」


「What are you trying to grind yourself against?」


「It’s obviously your cock. Is there a place better than that?!」


「Please stop it. If you grind it there wouldn’t you cum?」


「What’s wrong with that?! We should both go crazy and get all sticky!!」


「Please stop joking. I’m stopping here」


After imagining for a moment what it’d be like to climax, she was knocked back down to hell.


「No, no way, I won’t accept that. I’m already at my limit… help me Seiya-kun. Take it out on me, it’s painful, please give it to me. I won’t need it for that long!  It’s already coming, it’s already coming soon! It’ll be fine if you let me grind it for two or three rounds♡ Ahhh♡ ahhh ♡ ahhhhh♡♡」


Seiya sighed seeing her like that.


「Jeez… you have such a spoiled princess pussy as always, don’t you?」


「I will do whatever you want me to!!」


Rena snapped and yelled out while being almost in tears.


But Seiya was doing the right thing. Rena’s outer consciousness aside, her inner female instinct would not let Seiya go until she released everything on him. After all, Rena knows it… the male she likes was about to go under another female from now on.

However, in her mind, the only thing that was guilty was Seiya’s thing.


「You’re so mean. You’re so mean, Seiya-kun. I have been asking you for a while and I even already gave in, what more do you want me to say? Should I beg you or something?」


「Say I-」




Rena yelled out right away.


「I love you too but that’s not what I wanted you to say…」


「Die you idiottt!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!」


Rena screamed out some other things other than “I love you”.

By the way, Seiya could have told her that the correct choice here is “I’m sorry”…but since Rena had never realized what she had done to him, Seiya was hoping that she would come to find the answer herself.

But Rena had no clue about what he was thinking so she was only yelling things out in resentment.


「You did that on purpose! That was definitely on purpose! Even though I went through the trouble to say it! I hate you, I hate you from now on, Seiya-kun!」


Rena was saying that on the outside, but her body was honest. Her lower body continued to repeatedly convulse as it yearned for the male’s body.


「In the first place, why are you only touching my breasts?! Put it in me. Put it in me properly! Ah♡ ah♡, ah ♡」


Rena’s back suddenly arched.


What she was reminded of this time was the standing missionary position where he’d hold her up with her legs wrapped around him.

Seiya’s right hand was on Rena’s left nipple. Even though it was protected by her bra, it was the same as being naked in front of Seiya. He was sweetly picking at that hardened, horny nipple.


「Auuu, Ahhh ♡♡ Nooo♡ I’m cumming again ♡ Even though you didn’t put anything in, ahh ♡ amazing, this feels amazing even though I don’t want it ♡♡♡ I’m getting tighter and tighter ♡ , ahh ♡ , but ♡ , but♡ ♡ , even if it feels good ♡ I still hate you 」


Despite all the moaning, Rena was staring at Seiya with teary eyes.


Seiya sighed.


「Seriously, you don’t understand other people’s feelings, Rena-san…」


「That’s what I should be saying to you instead, Seiya-kun, you idiot. Please be a good boy and give it to me already」


Rena replied to him with such brazen words.


But the moment she got violated by the memories of her g-spot getting it, Rena began to make the seductively sad and painful sounds again.




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