Chapter 2- The Night Rena Kurobuchi Wept②


「Ehehe. I’m glad that you were able to hold it in, Mr. platonic Seiya-kun」


It did not matter if Seiya had a chagrined[i] look, since they were already at a blind spot inside the grove of mixed trees of the festival venue.

With the chest area of her yukata loosened up, Rena looked up at Seiya with an alluring gaze.  Due to the positions they were in, Seiya could see the deep valley of her soft skin even if he didn’t want to. Her abundant breasts that could not be contained at all, were half exposed due to the sloppy way she was wearing her yukata. From a small peek, one would be able to see slight glimpses of her dark colored summits poking out. The bulge in Seiya’s pants inflated even more since he had unintentionally caught sight of that.

Even when Rena crouched down, his crotch still persisted to expand right in front of her beautiful face. While she looked at it with slightly flushed cheeks, she spoke out with an overflowing sense of superiority,


「Mou…You have such a cute girlfriend already and yet your dick is getting this stiff just from seeing a bit of my boobs. Such a hopeless dick」


「Guh…Y-you say that, but what happened to your boyfriend, Rena-san? 」


Rena’s expression had completely changed into a scary one from hearing that one sentence Seiya had said to her out of spite.


「I bet you snuck out quietly behind your boyfriend’s back, right? Cheating on your rich and ikemen[ii] boyfriend like this by using your student to practice your sex techniques. Is it alright? To be doing something like this with me? 」


「S-shut up, quit nagging」


「…? 」


Rena’s serious reaction had surprised Seiya instead.

Unexpectedly, he had hit Rena’s weak point.


「…Don’t tell me…you guys broke up? 」


Seiya somehow had a hunch.

Then, it all came together. Why was she trying to get involved with him again tonight when she threw him away in the past as if he had nothing to do with her? She must’ve have broken up with her boyfriend so she wanted to harass him in order to relief some stress.


「I see… Of course it would be like that… I told you, didn’t I? Physical relationships are unproductive. You should stop messing around too and find a proper relationship」


「Don’t fuck with me」


*Squeeze*. Rena has once again gripped onto Seiya’s nuts.


「He is still crazy about me. And so is your hopeless dick」


「You’re h-hurting- wait, that…」


「Of course that was meant to hurt. Apologize to me」


「I-I’m sorry」


Rena had finally let go of his nuts after Seiya apologized to her.


「It’s because you were being so cheeky, even though you’re just Seiya-kun」


Rena put her hands on his crotch’s opening as she said that.


「And just to make it clear, my boyfriend and I did not only love each other physically. So even without you telling me… 」


That was as far as Rena’s bluffs went.




When the zipper was pulled down, the thing jumped out.

The moment she saw it, Rena’s lower half generated a mass of lust.


「Dam..n it… It’s amazing… 」


Rena murmured to herself with hints of frustration.

However, her impure eyes that were clouded by lust were glued onto Seiya’s thing.


His cock that has destroyed Rena’s arrogance in one hit.

It was thick and long; a thing of rare beauty that intensely bent backward towering to the sky.

Furthermore, it was equipped with a head that could completely bully a woman’s vaginal walls open, and it was coupled with two giant testicles hanging on the side that would make one believe that it has outstanding stamina.

It’s the male sex tool that every girl would have dreamed of at least once at some point, one that would bring them ultimate pleasure. And the thing that was the closest to that ideal was right in front of Rena’s nose.

What drifted to her nose was the dense odor of sex coming from the sweat inside his underpants. Rena, who has accidently smelled it was barely able to keep calm as she felt like just opening her pussy up and surrendering.

The honey that she kept hidden inside her vagina was slowly flowing out, expanding the stain of shame on her panties.

Her crotch that was greedily opening and shutting while it was covered in sticky love juice could be seen through.

Rena still had a look of frustration on her face, but at the same time she also looked like she can no longer resist it. Seiya asked in wonder as he saw that,


「…I thought my dick wasn’t big, no? 」


「Kuhhh… 」


Rena replied in embarrassment.

However, her eyes that were taken over by her female instincts were still shooting glances at it as they kept on getting pulled right back to his cock.

Seeing Rena acting like that, Seiya took a guess.


「You weren’t satisfied in bed with your boyfriend, huh? 」


「… 」


She looked down with a look of defeat as she silently admitted to it.

In that case, all the questions Seiya had were answered.


「This thing here, for those two years Rena-san had kept harshly telling me about big dick this and big dick that, but mine was a small, premature ejaculating penis… Could it be…that you came looking for me again because you were looking for this? 」


*Slap*, Seiya slapped his dick on Rena’s cheeks.


At first her face hardened, but then she submitted to it.


「If that’s true, your boyfriend’s thing must have been quite small」


「… 」


After having her cheeks smeared by the juice coming out of Seiya’s thing just now, Rena no longer looked like she had any will to resist.

But, she was still holding onto Seiya’s pants as she breathed in and out slowly.

Even now, she was trying her hardest to keep her lips tied together in order to resist the urge to start servicing him with her mouth.


「I wasn’t as cool as your boyfriend, yet you still felt like keeping me around as part of your collection? Even though you were posing as an oneesama[iii] who teases your student, the truth was that you were letting it out because you were sexually frustrated… You really are the worst. Oh, your boyfriend is such a poor thing」


After being provoked this much, Rena was glaring at Seiya as expected.


「…Don’t… make fun… of my boyfriend」


She refuted his words but her words were cutting off and her voice was faint.

However, the price she had to pay for that was great.

Once she opened her mouth, her lips touched Seiya’s penis.

With her lips sweetly tingling, Rena could no longer keep them closed for a second time.


「My boyfriend….ishh…*chuu*….the…person..I」


She was running her tongue along Seiya’s huge rod with her mouth slightly open.

Once she started licking it, the rest was history.


「Dick…fat….your…di….this…amazin… this♡…fat…d….can’t be compared… 」


Rena said as she rubbed her face on Seiya’s dick with a melting expression. Her tongue and lips that had been ensnared by it since a while ago were now thoroughly going back and forth, kissing the root of his dick.

Seiya had understood everything from witnessing this. He looked at her with a disgusted face and said,


「I wasn’t making fun of your boyfriend in particular. The only one I look down on is you」


Seiya forcefully tore her off from his dick just when she was getting completely entranced. As Rena looked up at him, he said to her with despair when their eyes met,


「What did you expect? You made a virgin who was in his puberty fall in love with you, then you made him service you every day as you practiced every single bit of your sex techniques on him to your liking. Being so absorbed in self-indulging pleasures like that for two years; of course you would not be satisfied by other guys. The one at fault is you. You are fully reaping what you sow 」


「Kuh….. 」


「Moreover, you disappeared right after just like that, tossing me away after you were done with me. As much as you liked doing what you pleased, how dare you come here now and start sucking me off」


Rena’s expression was distorted as she took the blame.


She then cried out in frustration.


「But… But even I didn’t know! That the other guys… are so bad, so fast, and they can’t make me cum at all! 」





[i] the embarrassed/frustrated from defeat look

[ii] STUD

[iii] BIG SISTER like an older woman


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