Chapter 1- The Night Rena Kurobuchi Wept①


The one who made Seiya cum for the first time in the last half a year-  was Rena Kurobuchi, after all.


  •       ●


It was on the night of the summer festival when Seiya had reunited with this wicked woman.

This wicked woman had a black yukata with blooming flower patterns on as she wandered in the crowd of people by herself. As lights from the food stalls shined on the couples in the crowd, he could sometimes see her eyes following them with a lonely look on her face.

In the crowd where countless men and women are passing by each other, it was no coincidence that the two of them had managed to find each other. Rather than calling it their premonition, it was more like their instincts a male and female.

Seiya Kirishima, who had turned around, is now looking face to face with Rena Kurobuchi.




After he unintentionally leaked out his voice, Seiya frowned with regret. He thought that he should have pretended that he didn’t see her.

On the other hand, Rena Kurobuchi was quite shaken.

The moment she had recognized Seiya, she had to relax her facial expression.

She secretly hid her feelings, the elated feelings that she felt as a woman.

But in the very next moment, confusion sprouted from her heart as she took notice of the woman who was standing next to Seiya.

However, the mask that she decided to put on at the end was a face that said she does not give a fuck.


「Ara~ Seiya-kun, long time no see」


「Oh. Long time no see, Kurobuchi sensei」


Going along with her, Seiya also lowered his head with his reply. Truthfully, he was relieved that Rena chose to put on a facade.

Depending on Rena’s mood, things could start to get out of hand at this very place.

Fortunately, however, there was plenty of room for them to work with to cover for each other.

Seiya slightly shifted his lower half in order to hide the thing that was starting to get hard from seeing Rena’s body.

Rena casually crossed her arms and covered up her chest. But those giant G-cup tits of hers that Seiya had caught a glimpse of had already started to make him heat up.

The lust that he had accumulated over the last half a year had started to emerge as Seiya remembered the feeling of her tits. He had thinly layered pants on right now since he was in his casual summer kimono attire. If she kept on caressing her tits in front of him like this, soon he will get big enough that it would be impossible for him to hide it without jerking off. There was no way that he would let her see such an unsightly side of him.


「Ah, senpai. Is she a friend of yours? 」


It was the cute girl who was next to Seiya that thoughtlessly asked without realizing the mood in the air. Her name was Koniwa Misono. She is a junior who has been in the same club as Seiya for a year. She was wearing a pink yukata, with her brownish hair neatly tied up. She had dressed up in her best outfit to go to this summer festival with her senpai. She was so happy to the point that that she did not take notice of the tension between those two.


「Yeah. She’s a Kyoto university student who was my home tutor before… 」


「I’m Rena Kurobuchi. Seiya-kun is also my cousin. Nice to meet you 」


Rena introduced herself with a perfect smile on her face.

Koniwa hurried and bowed to her in response.


「Ah, Koniwa Misono desu. Nice to meet you. U-umm, senpai, no, I mean Kirishima-san

has always been looking out for me 」


Koniwa, who was panicking, continued with a really red face:


「M-my self-introduction was late but as incompetent as I am, s-senp… Kirishima-san still agreed to date me」


A land mine was stepped on at that moment.

Without breaking her smile, murderous intent flickered in Rena’s eyes.

But then she calmed down from Koniwa’s next words.


「As one would expect from senpai’s cousin! 」


「Ara, what do you mean? 」


「How do I put it… You have the charming air of an adult woman on you. It’s admiring」


A real look of admiration could be seen in Koniwa’s eyes as she looked at Rena.

That is certainly the case.

Almond-shaped black colored eyes, with a mole under one of them.

Splendidly braided, beautiful, long, black hair.

An elegant standing figure, gracefully wearing a black and red yukata.

And yet, her abundant, voluptuous tits that are hidden inside the yukata were leaking out an irresistible womanly charm from the slight cleavage that was showing.

From Koniwa’s point of view, she would be a no less than perfect adult woman.

It would be natural for the cute Koniwa to be admiring her.


「By the way, senpai. I’ve never heard from you that you had a home tutor before…Moreover, such a beautiful home tutor as well」


Soniwa was looking at Seiya with condemning eyes.


「U-um, Misono-san. That was from more than half a year ago, and in the first place, she’s my cousin」


「Ha…right. I see. It was from before we started dating. Then, it can’t be helped」


Her tone did not sound like she was convinced.

There was no doubt that it was the so called sixth sense of a lover.

That would be correct.

To a certain extent, that is.

As the inexperienced newbie girlfriend that Misono Koniwa is, she was only thinking “I bet you were looking at her with some ulterior motives in mind, senpai” .

What could have happened between the senpai that she loves and his home tutor over the course of those two years of tutoring?

If Koniwa Misono knew, she would be hitting that person while crying.

Kurobuchi Rena, that is.


「Well, since we’re at such a nice festival, I will overlook this today, senpai」


Koniwa said with a pout.

Then, with a switch to a face of admiration, she lowered her head and looked for something in her purse as she said,


「And so, Kurobuchi-san. If you don’t mind, let’s exchange addresses…I would be so happy if I could say hello to senpai’s relatives! 」


「Y-yeah. I don’t mind, but…」


Even if the murderous intent that came from Rena had disappeared in an instant, no one would have thought that Koniwa would become this attached to her so quickly. Rena was also taken aback herself as she answered.

However, Koniwa spoke out in a panic.


「H-Huh…? Huhh!? 」


「What’s wrong? 」


「Oh no, senpai! My phone’s gone. It looks like I might have dropped it somewhere」


「For real? Where do you think you dropped it at? 」


「I don’t know. I have taken it out several times to take some pictures… 」


Koniwa sadly dropped her shoulders.


「Let’s head to the management office of the festival for now. The lost and found is there… 」


「Okay. I’m going to check it out! 」


Seiya stopped Koniwa who was about to rush out.


「Hold on. I’ll go with you」


「It’s okay, senpai! I’ll be back in no time, please keep Kurobuchi-san company and show her around!」


「Ah, wai…t」


Koniwa had already turned around and started trotting away.


There was only a boy and a girl left.

Although there was silence for a while, Seiya spoke out with distaste before long,


「Why are you here at this local festival…? 」


「A selfish reason? It doesn’t matter where I go for fresh air」


Rena answered while dodging the question.

Certainly, her main reason was to get some fresh air. However, if she came to this festival, there might be a chance that she would run into Seiya. It would be a lie if she said that she did not consider that at all. Although she would not admit it even if she dies.


「Moreover, that Koniwa-chan is a very honest and nice girl. She’s very cute」


Said Rena, despite the evil smile she had on her face.




「You should be thankful, to me that is」


「Why would I be thanking you…?」


「A cute girl like her normally wouldn’t agree to be your girlfriend, right? You made her submit to you with sex I bet- the sex that I trained you in」


As she said that, the calm look she had on her began to turn severe.


「No. I haven’t even kissed her yet」


「Ara, that’s a surprise」


「Ugh, I had enough of that. I hate that shit because of you. Physical relationships are pointless. That was the only thing you have taught me」


After she heard what he said, she had a look of hatred that was mixed with pain.

The relationship that had once existed between her and Seiya-

The one who denied it at first was Rena.

However, it was Seiya who was first to call it pointless.


「Koniwa-san can love me truly without doing such a thing. She taught me this- That there is true love even in a platonic relationship」


Suddenly, and in an instant, Rena had buried her face on Seiya’s shoulder.

As if she started to feel dizzy and had to lean on his shoulder.


「Hey wait a sec, R-rena-san? 」


However, Rena’s aim was to create a blind spot by cuddling up.


「I ain’t going to stop 」


Rena’s right hand grabbed Seiya’s balls from outside his pants.


「Ugh. Ahh」


「What you talking about, platonic? You got all tense just from seeing my chest」


「Ah, stop… That was… 」


As if the pants he had on were transparent, Rena had a complete understanding of the state of his body. After she sweetly massaged his balls, she moved her fingertips around the base of his penis. Then, she continued by running her index finger from the base to the tip.


「Ah….Kuuu-uuuu… 」


Seiya leaked out moans of frustration. Although he was just being slightly felt up, the pleasure he was feeling from Reina for the first time in half a year was enormous.


「You were lusting over my tits during your precious date. Not your cute girlfriend in her yukata, but me」


Rena’s index finger that had run up his dick was now rubbing his big and round tip to stimulate him. He had already started to leak out thick pre-cum before this. Rena was well familiar on how to handle Seiya’s penis.


「R-Rena-san, s-stop, don’t-」


Seiya tried to get away from her, but his body was locked up.


「Ara, you finally called me Rena, Seiya-kun」


「Ah, no-that was,  because right now, ah, ahh」


「It looks like you’ve started to remember it bit by bit. Well done~. But it looks to me like your dick never forgot about me in the first place」


Next, she began scraping his tip and tickling him with her fingertips.  Attacking his greatest weak point, Seiya’s penis shivered.


「Ehehe, how could you talk about platonic relationships with your body like this?」


「T-this is be-because it’s been accumulating… 」


「Ara, so it has been accumulating」


Rena showered a merciless smile as she heard something nice.

She continued without stopping her hand.


「Hey, Seiya-kun. I’ll pretend I’m feeling dizzy now, so will you take me to the bush over there and look after me?」


「W-why would I do something like that? 」


「What’s wrong with that? Please teach sensei what you’ve become in the past six months」


「S-stop joking…about something like that」


「Ara, do you think you have the right to refuse? Your cute girlfriend; I wonder if she can take it if she found out about everything」


「T-that… 」


「Besides, Seiya-kun. At this rate, you’re going to jizz your pants. Do you plan on going on a date with your girlfriend wearing jizz stained pants because of me? 」


「It-it doesn’t matter to me how much cum there is on them」


「Ara, you sound like you got tougher, even though the truth is you have no confidence at all」


With that, Rena continued her hand movements. This time, she’s rubbing his rod that is now slippery. She was not doing that to get him off, but to torture him with the sweet pleasure. Going against Seiya’s will, his penis was getting closer to exploding than he expected.


「Ah, Uu, kuu」


「Ara ara, it looks like the next attack is going to make it go pew pew. Hehehe, does it really feel that good? Imagine, will you embarrassingly explode in your pants like that? Or…? 」


Rena made sounds as if she was chewing on something, then she opened her mouth and showed him her saliva pooled mouth. She stuck out her pink colored tongue, and the strings of saliva being stretched inside her mouth. Needless to say, she was not begging for a kiss.


Inside that space of flesh, how much pleasure had it given Seiya at one point?


His penis that remembered has noticeably made a huge jump.



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  1. wow this seems a lot better than some of the other ero novels i;ve seen so far. I dont usually like NTR but this i can live with, plus the protag doesnt seem like a douche at all. Hoping he doesnt give into her right now tho.


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