Here’s chapter 70




Okay, so here’s what happened…

When I resumed translating a month or 2 ago, I just resumed off the latest unread chapter and forgot I read ahead.


Didn’t even realize this until a reader pointed it out, I will go back and catch up on the skipped chapters later but I’ll release this anyway since it was done~ tehee

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  1. Well now, and here I thought I was the one losing it.

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  2. That was funny, not everybody realizes it as This novel is a slow life, thus it has many fillers thus it feels like a natural time skip just happened.
    It was just about getting tot he good part tho… I kinda want to read chap 71 more for now than knowing what was skipped. šŸ˜…


  3. Nooo, this milk shall not be spoiled!!
    Well…Ill just wait till it caught up then, tysm for the harf work


  4. Since some chapters were skipped, I will wait for those chapters before I read the current one. Thanks for the hard work.


  5. Oh, so that happened. I was curious about why it jumped 16 chapters from nowhere. Is nice to know the reason. I’ll be waiting for the others chapters šŸ™‚


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