Chapter 9

Here you go~


Also, are there any good non translated/dropped web novels that people would like to see translated? Since this story doesn’t have that many chapters and the author is slowing down lately I am open to take suggestions.

This one will keep going ofc.

Author: nocturnal

I serve

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    1. Hmm, going by the jp reviews.. This story is from a female PoV only with no named male characters.

      A moe~ish recarn novel. I might read a little bit before giving final judgement but this might not be my cup of tea

      Thanks for the suggestion though! will check it out more later.

  1. This one caught my eye and I loved the scenario.

    Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki

    Looked up and it has only a handful of volumes and has been translated till volume 3, but not updated since May 2016.

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